Salman Khan: Shahid Kapoor is a better dancer than me, in his dreams!

Kick, Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, Haider, Nargis Fakhri

After talking about Shah Rukh Khan hosting Bigg Boss 8, the Kick star moved on to speak about the R…Rajkumar actor

Salman Khan has always been candid while speaking about other actors and he was at his candid best at Kick‘s Devil song launch. The item song shows Salman groove to a lot of dance steps with Nargis Fakhri. If we recall Nargis had done another item number Dhating Naach in Shahid Kapoor‘s Phata Poster Nikhla Hero. So it was pretty obvious that people would be asking her about who the better co-dancer among the two was. Hai na?

Nargis, however, blushed and kept quite as she didn’t feel like offending her Kick co-star by replying to the question. To her rescue came the Dabangg Khan, and he said, “There is no doubt about the fact as to who the better dancer is.” Just when people started assuming that the Jai Ho star was trying to refer to the fact that Shahid was a better dancer, Sallu miyan added, “Shahid is a better dancer than me………in his dreams.” It was his this statement that made the gathered audience go into a frenzy of crazy laughter.

We don’t have an iota of doubt in the fact that Shahid is a better dancer but who would want to spoil Salman’s happy mood by saying so at the night club where he had come for the launch of the Devil song from Kick. Wethinks Sallu bhai knows very well how to play with sarcasm while talking about other actors. Hai na, peeps?

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  • yazz

    shahid is a better dancer than salman of course

  • Niky

    and Shahid is a better actor too :P

  • Z

    How can the gathered people go into a frenzy of crazy laughter? That is encouraging such salmans egoist behaviour.

  • jazzy

    He was jokn dats it

  • Dee

    Salman was joking wen he said dat…dey said he was in happy

  • Udaychopra

    Shahid is 100 times better actor no doubt abt this too.

  • BiBii Blue

    Omggg!!Really?!Sallu bhai says this…hahahahahahahahahahahaha…:)) I thought he is smart,but I wrong…:)) The most serious mood I say Shahid Kapoor it’s more best dancer then mr. dabangg…now I knw why I hate Salman’s attitude…:( He is a good person and blah blah…but…*silence* I do not want to upset mr. best actor, dancer, person and what he says and his fans…-_-