Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar: Who looks best with Katrina Kaif?

Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar: Who looks best with Katrina Kaif?

BollywoodLife readers have given their verdict, and we aren’t shocked with the result

A few days ago we had asked our readers who they think looked physically and emotionally compatible with the rising rani of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif, on the big screen. And must say, we got a tremendous response. So who is the hero who looks truly, madly and deeply in love with her onscreen?

BollywoodLife readers have unanimously chosen the man, who once upon a time was crazy about her even in real life, Salman Khan! Sometimes the Tiger Khan’s authoritative and affectionate attitude towards Kat makes us wonder if the 40-plus bachelor has gotten over his last love in the first place.

Anyway, so 44.53 per cent of BL readers are of the opinion that the Ek Tha Tiger couple’s onscreen chemistry is the best. Surprisingly, the actor who got the second highest votes is Shahrukh Khan (26.49 per cent), even though their film under the Yash Raj banner is yet to release. It looks like the audience can’t wait to see the two romancing on the big screen! That leaves Kat’s one-time rumoured real life beau Ranbir Kapoor (9.89 per cent) far behind.

The third actor who looks best with Ms Kaif is the actor she regularly romanced in her initial films, Akshay Kumar (11.73 per cent). Kat’s other co-stars Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, Imran Khan, Govinda, Abhishek Bachchan and even Aamir Khan, who pairs up with her in Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3, are nowhere close to Salman, Shahrukh and Akshay. So much for trying new combinations!

By the way, we wonder what YRF will do when they find out Katrina fans aren’t looking forward to her pairing opposite Aamir in the slick thriller? Come on guys, the ace actor’s perfection and the Brit babe’s sincerity might bring alive their romance onscreen. Who knows!

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  • jay


    • deependra

      akshay and salman best with katrina kaif

      • ritesh rai


        • sunil


          • mahi.

            i think katrina looks good with ranveer.
            and for a salman khan some one specialmade for them and she came in them life in very short time.

  • Maria

    We did not still watch shahrukh khan with her ,but till now it is akshay ,I also love his pair with salman but i did not love their chemistry in ek tha tiger,do not know why

  • zulfi

    shahrukh khan and katrina are the best onscreen jodi….coz shahrukh is the king of bollywood & katrina is the queen of bollywood…..

  • bhupender singh

    Dear sir
    i think sallu with kaitrina is best looking so i
    hope sallu & kaitreena pair forever going sallu is a very kind man both couple pair is very nice sallu is very smart man &nice behavior

  • Mr,naim

    Salman & katrina Best Coupl, I thing just merid,

  • ray

    It defenitely should be

    SRK…the king of bollywood.

  • zo

    lol at the comment srk and kat are the best onscreen jodi coz srk is the king of bollywood…Is that ur reason. We haven’t even seen their chemistry. Katrina looks the best with only salman khan. Their chemistry in ek tha tiger is sparkling and amazing. Sallu-Katz rocks and they are real life couple.

  • zubair ahmad

    shahrukh ke sath

  • ramakrishna

    srk ke sath

  • NASU


  • ali

    she looks much better with romance ki badsha ki sath

  • Asif

    Shahrukh ke saath Katrina ko on screen par kisne dekha hai
    jo Shahrukh ke saath achchi lagegi abhi se decide kaise kar raho ho rahi baat Shahrukh ki Shahrukh old ho chuka hai. aur Katrina abhi young hai. to jodi kaise achchi lage gi. Haan aise ho sakta hai ki charo (Salman, Shahrukh Akshay and Katrina) ek hi movie mein ho to Salman Katrina ke boyfriend mein Akshay bade bhai and Shahrukh to MashaAllah Vilan ke rup mein jyada achcha lagega.

  • raghu

    kat is like kabbab mai haddi between srk and salman

  • khalid

    hi salman and kat much better with romance ki sath

  • sandeep sharma

    salman and katrina look like real life coup.i love them.

  • parkash pilaniya

    aksay & srk is good but salman is best with katrina

  • parkash pilaniya

    akki & srk is good but salman is best with katrina

  • tobi

    katrina looks good with salman and srk looks good with ash, just my opinion

  • Harbir

    Akshay and Salman look good with her!! Truth

  • atul

    sallu is better dn all

  • Mukesh

    Absolutely salman yaar,they became like best couple in all bolly industries couple,i like them and love also.

  • Syed Kiyanoosh

    Very true. Katrina looks very natural and best in the company of Salman. She blossoms fully in his vicinity and touch. Salman loves her with his own brand of possessiveness and extreme intensity. He also provides her total security and is a ‘no nonsense’ guy so far Katrina, sincerity, loyalty and quality of love and care etc are concerned. We only wonder ‘Kab Koga, Kab Hoga ?’ We love you KS- Katrina-Salman

  • Mohammed Riyazuddin

    Bhai Aur Koi Nai Shahrukh Khan Bas

  • chakleshvar chauhan

    akshay kumar only

  • karan


  • Aditya Rao

    Salman bhai please marry with katrina. Ap dono ek dusre ke liye hi bane ho.

  • Rahul Das

    only salman bhai can touch kartina kalf.please marry her….

  • bicky

    none but don deserves jangli billis


    I can’t say who is the best match with KAT but yes, Sallu bhai is really the best one match with KAT.
    I prey to god for Sallu bhai that please send a best one for him.
    jay shankar kumar

  • Praveen suthar

    Salman & katrina… Supar jodi aap dono ko kiski nazar n lage

  • matin

    ek tha tiger have already prove it man

  • yeafez

    sallu n kat is the best jodi now in bollywood…..they look FAV together……

  • hamid

    they are real couples salman and kat

  • Raaj

    Shahrukh khan is the best not salman khan sallu is the borwing man and over aditiute so i think srk is super rocking khan.

  • jeny ningthoujam

    salman n katrina is d bst couple.

  • Javed

    Akshay Kat theyr best
    tcouples. Akshay is rowdy

  • Andy

    Its always Akshay and kat… They look fabulous together

  • akshay kumar

    salman khan aur sharukh khan madar chod hai

  • ravi gari

    akshay kumar bollywood ka number one hero hai

    • rishi

      akki is best in whole world

  • Nadeem ahmad

    Akshay kumar action ka baap hai.. Back to back housefull 2 and rawdy rathore 100 cr bluckbuster…next 2 movie oh my god release date 28 septembar ko aur khiladi 786 release date 7 December 2012…oh my god aur khiladi 786 100 cr bluckbuster hogi.

  • ayush

    akkiii and kat looks bst couple in bollywood

  • Sanyasi

    Akki action ka baap khiladi star.

  • rossy

    para mi la pareja que me hace suspirar es akki y kat …….a inicios cuando inio a trabajar con akki ,kat parecian estar enamorados despues ya se rompio el vinculo pero de todas maneras son muy lindos en pantalla ……todavia votan suspiros

  • Amit shankhla

    Salmaan or srk to height may bhi kat se chhote h

  • Rishab tiwari

    katrina have done most hit film with akshay. They look like a best couple in the intire world

  • Shamma

    Salman ke sath mast jodi jamegi

  • sarghana khan

    salaman khan is the real cares matic actor of bolly wood non of them is excelent like salman khan because salman has style smash body best action best smile best conversation every thing is better in filmania in front of camera is better to him and one of he best chemestry with katrina kaif in past was aishwarya rai bt now adays only best cople is salman kat thans alot

  • sajjad ahmad

    hi every one speacil salam to every one thear is special talks lets concentrate hahahahahah salman kat jodi is outstanding please salman fan club make a request to salman to marry her

  • Afrin

    salman and katrina best coupl

  • chakleshwar

    Akshay kumar only !!!

  • salman khan

    sharukh khan bodhay k 7 film banai q????????????

  • salman khan

    salman and katrina is good couple salman is the biggest hero and handsome hero in the bollywould i like samman

  • Kiran

    Salman Khan is the fashion conqueror. Akshay and SRK can’t be compared to Salman’s standards…!

  • Linda

    SHahrukh khan is best 4 katrina kalf,salman khan luks like a stiff fat bread beside her Sorrrryyyyyy hahaha srk rules weda u like it or not

  • sahil jaglan

    i like salman khan ………..salman khan is my fav. actor…salman khan me izeeee ur fan……this fan izeee limitation…………aaaap soch bi nhi sakte usssse se jada bada fan ho mme aaapka…………………………ples comment for my id…….nd cheak my id…………har jaggggha aapppp hi dekoge ji i luv u………………………..ples comment……………i luv u ……..ur so handsome……….i lik u………….

  • sahil jaglan

    salman khan look better with kaif………………



    • shikha

      rahul katrina and akshay is your fav………?

  • alia khan

    i think akki and srk look better with katz.akki and katz jodi are very naturall and common ,and i think katz should work with srk and akki .mujhe lagta hain akki aur srk with katz ki jodi{in movies of course} are very very very very very very very very very very very beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll and perfect.

  • Sameer

    I m bg fane of aaki & kat

  • amit moon

    akki bhaya is best

  • akki rahul

    akshay kmr looks very very very good with katrina kaif and salman khan also

  • sunilarya

    akshaylooks the best with kat shahrukh looks veryold ranbir and salman also look good



  • janbaz afganistan

    mr zahid ali srh king nah salman king hi over srh oske body gard hi ovr katrrena king ka shehzadi hi



  • vivek

    Akshay looks best with Katrina.Salmam and Sharukh looks like Katrina’s father.


    Mere kahna hai. Srk (old man) ko ab bollywood se retierd ho jana chahiye.kyunki ab wo buddha ho chuka hai..ab uspar papa ka roll hi fit hoga..sala buddha..old ko acting ka क ख ग bhi nahi Aata hai.. katrina ke liye sirf Akashay bhai hi best option hai…
    Akshay king of the Action..