Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor: Who has the best chemistry with Katrina Kaif!

Posted Tue, August 21, 2012 2:33pm IST

Box office wise the Ek Tha Tiger leading lady’s pairing with many men has set the cash registers go kaching kaching at cinema halls, but who is that one special man with whom she makes romance come alive on the 70 mm screen?

From Govinda to Aamir Khan, Brit born and bred actor Katrina Kaif is one of the few fortunate ladies to dance with and romance all the big names in the Hindi film industry. Superstar Shahrukh Khan may scold us for saying the word ‘chemistry’, but there’s one actor with whom she sparks more unmatched sizzling reactions than with any other. Who is that special co-star? Who is that one man with whom the bootylicious babe looks physically and emotionally in-sync onscreen? Is it her one-time rumoured beau Ranbir Kapoor? Her once-face film partner Akshay Kumar? Is it real-life buddy and former beau Salman Khan? Perhaps the King of romance Shahrukh Khan will be that one man – to be seen when their film together releases. We dissect her equation with her co-stars.

Take the poll to tell us who Katrina has the best onscreen chemistry with….

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  • vandana

    Salman khan

    • shanjhali singh

      suno sare log salman ke sath jodi toh acchi hai par aab……….. vo kat ka papa lagta hai toh vote 4 ranbir……………

      • shanjhali singh

        par tab par bhi salman ke sath jodi acchi hai

        • poonam

          salman khan

          • Rehman

            SLAMAN & KATRINA Just Looking very good,nice and Happy Life-partner JODI…
            I prey for them…….

  • sujata

    Salman khan

    • Sharif han

      Salman han super akter

  • Liona

    She isn’t a very good actress. All thoses actors are better paired with another actress.
    I don’t even know how Salman managed to make her happen so quickly.
    Others actresses of her generation deserve to more attention than her. (Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, Genelia D’Souza, Amrita Rao…)

    Katrina seems nice though…

    • erika

      I agree with u she is so ugly

      • FK

        And u must be Angelina Jolie to think The Katrina Kaif is ugly!!!

      • honey

        chup kar kutiya.. saali apni shakal dekh jaake pehle.jalo mat barabri karo.baithe baithe comment karna bas aata hai saali,,,tere saat pushto me b koi aisi beauty paida ni ho sakti.

        • shanjhali singh

          i agree with U …………..sali urika ko aur gali do……

      • naaz

        u r right erika, there was a time when she was pretty, she was so beautiful in namaste london. now she is just plastic face with her fake lips,looking very ugly and old. dont know why she did that to herself. and acting… the lesser said the better

    • pratyush singh

      oye!!!!!!!!!!! ERIKA…. u are very beautiful or what????????? saying katrina ugly
      …….. DON’T BE SOOOO PROUDY!!!!!!!!!!

  • anshuman

    she always look good with salman because salman truly love katrina from his heart rest all are losers and the biggest loser is ranbir kapoor :)

  • Armaan

    As expected ‘The Salman Khan’ is at the top

  • dia

    salman is d best….but i dnt lik kat c iz not so beauful..c iz lukin lik fav iz dipika

    • Ramesh

      Kat and ranibeer is the best jodi

      • Ramesh

        Rockstar weds katrina is i want to see that

  • Ghayaz

    don’t know y kat shows r has a good chemstry vit akshay…… but iffffff she coordnt vit sallu then then their jodi is going to rockkkkkk….. it may be the best jodi after sharukh,kajol….

  • ronak j .vagadia

    katrina & srk jodi is awesome.i like

  • sunny shah

    salman khan – katrina kaif jodi is no.1 and superb
    i wish they should get married

  • a

    kat looks great with ranbir

  • andy

    salman bhai hi le jayenge kat bhabhijaan ko….

  • Shahnawaz channa

    Hi katrina g plz marry to salman khan because he is growing elder



  • mian sadam

    salman khan and katrina kaif is the best jodi in india

  • mian farhan

    katrina merry to salman please

  • Guest

    Off course Salmaan!
    Salmaan and Kat’s jodi is just mindblowing :P

  • asad

    i like it



    • rehan

      i like your ans

  • man in black

    Katrina Kaif has v. good chemistry Akhshay Kumar. I just love to see them together. :)

  • usman saifi

    salman katrina is a best jodi. akshay to ganjaa ho gaya and akshay is a floup hero

    • Abhishek

      Usmaan…akshay ganja nahi hoe hae beta….he just shaved trimmed his hair….abhi akshay ke hair dekho…salman to katrina ke samne nata lagta hae…Akshay looks best with katrina……….

  • zo

    Katrina kaif looks the best with salman khan. Sallu-Kat looks amazing coz they are real, understands and knows more about each other.

  • zulfi

    shahrukh khan and katrina are the best onscreen jodi….coz shahrukh is the king of bollywood & katrina is the queen of bollywood…..

  • bhagavath

    salman & katrina

  • priyanka

    salman is d bst plz kat usse sadi krlo ussse zada pyar krne wala tumhe dusra nahi milega aur o ranbir sab jaga muh marta firta hai kutta hai jaha dkha larki muh marta hai o kbhi kisike sath loyal nahi ho sakta plz salman se sadi krlo

  • halwa hilal

    Salman is a presenter 2 Bollywood industry… wit out sallu bollywood is 0 (zero) sallu rocks

  • mohammed sahil

    Salman katina look beauty couple off world.. hope sallu will marry her and he will introduce chota salman and bobby look choti katrina… sallu bhai jaldi shadi karlena

  • Ramesh

    Rockstar weds katrina is i want to see that and salman vs katrina that i want to see please god hear my words and do that

  • frvaiz

    salman khan is the biggest hero than srk and also in bollywood

    • fawad

      shah rukh is the king thing that what ur saying dadoo

  • fawad

    shah rukh khan is the best and salman khan never can take the place of shah rukh khan(king khan).about some year ago shah rukh used salman as very poor actor in its movies so salman u cant anything

  • nishant

    salman bhai the king of world

    srk to kutta h bhai ka

    katrina se puchna
    opner to bhai tha

    srk to last me aya h