Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan: Will the real men please stand up?

Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan: Will the real men please stand up?

We say this ‘coz we are tired of watching Bollywood’s 40-plus superstars chase pretty young things in miniskirts, sing ludicrous love songs and sock goofy goons in their faces. When are they gonna stop behaving like callow boys and become grown up men?

We wonder if Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and even perfectionist Aamir Khan are stuck in a time warp. If you look at the superstars’ recent movies, they are still playing roles that are close to the ones they did when they started out 20-something years ago! And it makes us wanna scream out loud: Why can’t Bollywood superstars strike a balancing act between playing 20-year-old loverboy and 40-year-old gentleman, just like George Clooney and Brad Pitt have done? While Hollywood hotties proudly show-off their age lines and graying hair, Bollywood’s biggest names hide time – or try to – by using the wonders of cosmetology and Photoshop!

In an interview to Bollywood Life during the promotions of Agent Vinod, we had a glimmer of hope when Saif Ali Khan said: “I can’t play a regular loverboy at 40. I want to play slightly older, mature characters now. Loverboys are for the younger lot to play. If I try to play a 20-year-old, I will look old. I want to look younger playing the right age.”

Ironically after making such a tall claim, we discovered that the Nawabi actor’s next film happens to be Cocktail - a love square involving two girls (Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty) and two guys (Saif and Randeep Hooda). Since he’s a father of two in real life, shouldn’t Saif be playing a father, or a character closer to that age group, and not a loverboy-playboy type these days?

Various other stars are guilty of such ridiculous acts. After two big disasters – RA.One and Don 2SRK has gone back to the genre that made him the superstar he is today. The King of romance’s forthcoming films, Yash Chopra’s untitled film opposite Katrina Kaif and Rohit Shetty’s Chennai Express, are full of the emotion called love.

Never mind that Rowdy Rathore set the cash registers ringing at the box office, but it was quite odd to watch the 40-plus, soon-to-be daddy for the second time Akshay Kumar act cheesy, goofy and run after a girl half his age (Sonakshi Sinha). Don’t you think so too?

As for Salman Khan, we thought finally he’d changed his heart and would do some hardcore action in Kabir Khan’s action thriller Ek Tha Tiger. After watching the film’s theatrical we realised the Brat Khan isn’t yet ready to give up those funny gags or perky punch lines or even wooing a beautiful woman onscreen with a little song and dance.

Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan are less guilty of getting stuck in the rut, but if you think of Singham’s repetitive stunts and Rancho’s act in 3 Idiots, you can’t help but tell all these fast-ageing superstars that it’s time to wake up before the coffee gets overdone and bitter! And let the real 20-plus newbie actors play 20-year-olds onscreen.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • lou

    i agree

    • rai

      ,,,,,,f,,,,,,,,k u ….peopl saying don2 and ra 1 was disaster,,,,,,,,,,,don2 was super hit,,,,ra 1 was hit,,,,,,and both are in 100 crr club,,,,,,,,,if disasters are in 100crr,,,,,wht then shahrukhs blockbusters will do?mm,,,,,,,think abot it,,,,,

  • sayani


  • sarath

    don2 was a superhit and though a bad film turned to b a hit…stop callin it a disaster….

    • Tiger

      Yes ur right it wasnt a disaster, it was a all time a big disater, mindless and crap

      • laxita

        maybe cos u dont have a mind

  • param

    Hay the publisher seems to be targeting only SRK by saying that the last two movies were disaster. Don’t be so mean. SRK’s movies are on 100 Cr list and we (people) are not fool to pay if the movies are not good. If the movies were really bad what were you (critics) doing and why your magic of criticism dint work and people still watched both movies.

    All I can say is the movies were not Disaster at all….

  • shami

    who da hell said don 2 is a disaster . Don’t u guys know which one is a disaster , and which one is blockbuster ?????

  • faiza

    hello! katrina has no objection romancing SRK sallu we have no problem watching 40 plus heroes romancing youg girls!whats the problem with u ?

  • tejas grover

    tere se kisne pucha hai cutiye mindless crap to sallu ki film hoti hain bluddy south remakes

  • moo salimi

    stop these nonsense topics let them work and WTF it mean????????????
    they are actors so let them act

  • parth

    WHAT A CRAP!!!!!! first see the collections of movies and then publish an article you mindless. from which source you gotta know that ra one and don 2 were disasters. check the records first. faltu ki site chalu kr rkhi h

  • ranjna

    stop these nonsense srk always look good why all time srk target look salman he look old also

  • vikas

    jis ko bhulaa na muskil hi nahi na munkin is srk and his don2

    and don2 is world wide highest grossing movie of bollywood history

  • jacob

    Nonsense!who the hell asked u ?

    And what crap u r publishing? ra-one don2 disasters? idiots

  • JB

    don 2 and disasters??? this site is a big disaster!!!

  • PA

    The author Rachana Parekh has lost her mind clearly! Ra.One and Don 2 disasters???? Hello??? What world are you living in??? They are both superhit movies that made 100 Cr plus!!! Did you miss the news??? She doesn’t know what’s going on in the real world and she comes here writing her imaginary crap! And how is Bollywood Life allowing crap of such writers to get published on their site and damage their credbility (if they still have any left)???

  • Jaz

    Who would waste time to bother about their age and actresses’ age whom they are romancing..what matters the most is not the age but their on-screen chemistry with the young actresses..Most of them look absolutely stunning with these girls..and these actresses seem to have no issue about acting with these senior guys..they are not too old and they look best for their age..i don’t have time to bother about their age whilst watching a does the others..

  • Suhel

    @Author: Rachana Parekh……
    r u mindless. Internet illiterate???
    Dont you have sense that before going to any topic first we need to our homework??? But you dindt…..
    On what basis allowed you to post craps tha Don2 and Raone are Disaster.

    Well those who reading this comment in…… please take care before going to conclusion.
    Because nowadays Public has a right to shut down your Website, you know Power of all socialNetworking Site. all will Boycott your website.
    Website’s ADMIN Please do take care that this kind of Crap should not be posted without any Proofs.

  • Chodunga

    How can be ra one nd don2 is desaster when this two did 120 nd 110 ci in India and 50 nd 65 cr overseas which were the first nd second highest movies of 2011 in terms of gross collection. If this achievement have been called as desaster then I like to c srk shud desaster

  • parvez

    ra one and don 2 worldwide gross is above 200 crores!! This author is day dreaming or what??

  • rachna anpad

    ra. one is a hit and don2 is superhit. both made 100 cr plus. rachna parekh nasedi hai kya tu? thaili pi k article likha hai kya?

  • 40+

    agar wo 40+ hain aur 20 ki ladki se romance kar rahe hain to teri kyu jal rahi hai? agar tum bore ho rahi ho to na dekho unki film. bas ram gopal verma ki film dekha karo tum unhi ke layak ho.

  • king

    fudu artical, don2 super hit in india and overseas blockbuster yr ye jalte kyu hai king khan se ye website wale artical kya nase me likha hai.

  • Rhl

    Ek tha tiger is the answer to all SRK fans

  • zohaib

    rachana parekh tu haramzadi sedhi bat kiya kro ulti khbr mat dala kr aur tere bap ne shaid tuhe bola hoga k don 2 and was disasters but asal ma t khd ha aur movies sooooooper hitthe u kutiya……………..just love u king khan

  • uzair

    salman i realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy likes u and ur mussels shahrukh i just hateeeeeeeee u amir khan i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and ur good ness

  • English movies watch online

    Now we know who the ssebnile one is here. Wonderful post!

  • lokesh pawar

    king khan srk humesa achha kam karta he aur unki movive me dum bhi bahut hota hai he ……… vo humesa king hi bane rahenge .shahrukh is best king king hota he aur srk ke king hai aur tha aur humesa rahe ga……


    I love you

  • faisal khan

    hw can u say and don2 iz a disaster………ur mad do u think yash chopra is a fool he is so brilliant so he cast srk on jthj he knw sharukh still hv his chatm full loverboy attittuide and look………. shame on u reporter

  • DumbRachna

    Writing an article with catchy titles to keep the job is what you are doing – Rachna. You need to do some research before writing this kind of dumb – one person thoughts. 3Idiot – you mentioned, if it was not Amir, no other “young” guy would have done the role with finesse. People have loved these guys even though they dance/sing with young girls. The BO collection speaks of that…..

  • waheed

    iam sorry iam really disappointed from this really iam 20 years old bad I like salman khan and ur not allowed to tell that this is ur last time ok .