Salman Khan’s sister takes a dig at Shahrukh Khan

The Khan war deepens as Sallu’s sister Alvira derides SRK’s latest film, RA.One

News is that the Shahrukh Khan-Salman Khan war, that began at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash three years ago, has gone on to an unexpected level altogether. While the two heroes have often taken turns at making snide remarks about each other’s work – with Sallu’s new friend Aamir Khan also joining the fray often – their families have always stayed out of it. Till now. With Bodyguard doing good business and RA.One being panned by all, it seems Sallu’s sister Alvira (who, with her husband Atul Agnihotri, produced Bodyguard) just couldn’t resist taking a potshot at her brother’s rival. Happy at all the RA.OneBodyguard jokes doing the rounds, she added one more to the list: Even a superhero needs a Bodyguard! Worse, she put it up as the status message on her Blackberry smartphone. What everyone is wondering is whether the comment was Alvira’s brainchild or whether Salman put her up to it. Of course, those close to the Khan sister claim it was just a joke and not meant to hurt anyone. We think it was not a dig, but rather, more of an offer of help. Given that too many of his fans are unhappy with Ra.One, SRK might really need some protection from the overzealous ones. And who better than Sallu to ward them off? What say, Shahrukh?


Shahrukh vs Salman: The fans battle it out