Salman Khan takes another swipe at Shahrukh Khan

Salman Khan takes another swipe at Shahrukh Khan

Cineswami gets you all the dope from the much-talked about Ambani party for Sachin Tendulkar

The event organised by Mukesh and Nita Ambani at their ostentatious hotel, sorry, home, Antilla, was ostensibly to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar’s century of centuries. However, the perennially attention seeking Bollywood stars who are used to being the cynosure of all eyes tried to hijack the event and make it all about themselves. Priyanka Chopra, the hostess of the evening, gushed, as is her wont and babbled, as is her curse and nobody paid her the slightest attention, as is correct. Aamir Khan spoke at length about how he had spotted Sachin when the cricketer was a 14-year-old boy and predicted great things for him. He claimed that he had a bet with Ambani in 2009 that Sachin would reach his landmark soon. Aamir continued speaking for a while, so long-winded that Shatrughan Sinha was openly bored, Hrithik Roshan was reduced to staring glassily into space and Shankar Mahadevan began checking messages on his phone.

Abhishek Bachchan, seated next to his large wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, grabbed the mike and banged on about how he played cricket as a child and realised he would never be as good as Sachin and therefore chose an easier profession where there was nobody to set such lofty standards, namely acting. Perhaps Abhishek forgot that he has two lofty standards of acting at home while growing up. He also definitely forgot that whatever he is, an actor he is not. Merely appearing in front of a camera does not an actor make. The canine in The Artist, or even Teri Meherbaniyaan, are greater thespians than Bachchan junior.

Lata Mangeshkar croaked a few words that everyone listened to respectfully while thinking secretly about her insane objections to the Pedder Road flyover. Salman Khan, as always was the star of the show, for no mistake, this was indeed a show and not a mere felicitation ceremony. Again, rather than heaping fulsome praise on Sachin, he brought attention to himself, albeit in a jocular manner it must be said, saying that if he had pursued cricket, he, Salman, would be in Sachin’s place. Ever ready to take a jibe at arch-rival Shahrukh Khan, Salman said that nobody could touch Sachin’s record, quoting “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, namumkin hai.” When there was a ripple of surprise in the room, Sallu explained himself saying that his father wrote that line for a film starring Amitabh Bachchan and he had every right to use it. Right.

The star of the evening was, of course, Sachin himself, looking dapper in black specked with bling and sporting his new hairstyle. As always he was soft spoken and humble and talked about hoping to keep his feet on the ground and his head not being swollen. Something that Bollywood stars could learn at his feet, if they wanted to, that is.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Don was written by Salim-Javed! So, Salman has every right to comment on the film. He is commenting on SRK but on the dialogues of Don written by his father. Anyway, Salman has entertained the audiences attended at the party including his ex, Aish!

    • kishor

      this party is not for entertaining people..this party is for praising the god of cricket..
      salman dar rehe hain srk carrier se..but he cant touch his hype what he craeted in his 20 years of carrier by giving continious hit films…

      • Nixon

        haha continuous hits? lol about 18 flops in first 8 years of his career.
        Only given 2 all time blockbusters. And you call his star power untouchable.
        Salman despite have given more flops but mainly due to more movie release SRK. He has numerous hits. But the main thing. Salman delivered an all time blockbuster in his first movie, and repeated history 3 more times with Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Dabangg & Bodyguard. Also, Salman has the most annual hits in history of Bollywood. Maine Pyaar Kiya, Saajan, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Hum Saath Saath Hain, No Entry, Wanted, Dabangg & Bodyguard. 3 mega blockbusters along them, Ready, Karan Arjun & Partner. And you say Salman is scared. Remember it was SRk who waited backstage at a show for Salman to leave the stage so he wonder around in the spot light. Sharukh’s last blockbuster was Om Shanti Om after that, it’s only been just basic hits like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, My Name is Khan and Don.2 & Ra.One which just made enough to call them above average. Did you know that Ra.One didn’t even collect it’s budget amount in India despite knowing it was a disaster just like Billu, Dulah Mil Gaya & Paheli

        • chixon

          salman khan ko acting aati hai kya mere yaar kaun sa film me wo thik se acting kiya tha koi nahi bata sakta usko bhi malum nahi hoga

        • sanj

          Mr. Bixon – dixon – hixon ek baat to kehni padegi aapki g.k bahot acchi hai. School of illusion mai aisi he g.k sikhai jaati hai. Keep it up Mr. Vixon:-):-)!

          • ammy

            DON 2 IS FAMOUS all over .BUT TAPOARI SALMAN Only acted in TAPOARI FILMS has only tapoari way of entertaining people.he has two gundas brothers to do gundagardi in film city to permote his tapoari brothers.because whole khandand ko pal raha hai.

          • Nish

            Itz very bad to command on family. allways give respect. Ammy if u dislike salman .itz ur choice. every one has their own views. u can say about films, not personally. i like all good films of salman shahrukh aamir saif ajay dilip kumar raj kapoor rajander kumar. i feel bad when someone command about others family.

  • zulfi

    WOOO FINALLY SALMAN accepts that,the real DON is the Shahrukh Khan…the real king is the Shahrukh…wooo balle balle….

    • mary

      Salman has every right to say that dialogue. srk is the one that stole it.

    • amit

      abe wo tere srgay ko nahi amitji ko kaha tha itna b common sense nahi hai kya.salman k father ne likhi thi uski script.

  • honey

    the one who wrote dis must be very miserable in his own life coz all he said in dis is how lame r Bollywood stars but what he doesn’t know is that he or she is even more lame than them …..but as always SRK is the best …jai hind

  • Don

    Salman chare mere L pe

  • rocky

    east ho ya west salman khan is the sachin no srk .salman is the best.salman is the legend..srk have lost standard in indian cinema.salman’s star power is more high than sky.

  • rocky

    srk is fully bakwaas..salman is awesome. we all know that salman gives biggest hit in last two years such as dabangg and bodyguard.he is the most wanted and demandable actor in industry. if srk is king so why srk is unable to break the records of salman’s films..think it.

    • prasu

      bhai do hi saal hit diya to itna uchal rhe ho…regular 19 flops samjh me nhi aaya tha kya???

  • vidiah

    salman is the best not srk i just love salman may god bless him

    • srk

      hello salman iz lyk a kid in front of srk (srk iz d best)

  • vidiah

    salman can do action film but srk cannot he can only crying for heroine

  • Asif iqbal

    Salman is not only Salman khan he is now Salman bhai.
    Samajhdar ke liye ishara hi kafi hai.


    Salman Khan has by far more flops than SRK will ever have in his career. Salman will never reach SRK´s level of stardom.

  • Sanjib

    Salman looks like a white man now too much skin bleaching!! Do Indians hate their own beautiful brown skin! He looks like a ghost yuk!!!

  • mr perfect

    u knw guyz w8 ..salman and sharukh are both best..if sharukh has more hits , salman has more ATBB..sharukh khan had his time and now its salman era …salman and sharukh both gave hits constantly…..but salman is at no 1 currently

  • zulfi

    why every one is jealous with SRK.every body( media, trade analysis tarot card readers )trying to show down King Khan in real SRK is the King of bollywood.his all rare movies like Darr Bazigar DDLJ DIL To Pagal Hai Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Mohabbatein are all time blockbuster.DDLJ is Longest running movie in indian cinemas.His acting ablities are defferant from all bollywood actors.His dialogue delivery is best.His rare famous dialogues are still recalled (i love u kkkkiran,har kar jeetne wale ko bazigar kehte hain )He has defeated Salman khan in acting in many movies like (kuch kuch hota hai..hum tumhare hain sanam )the real actor is he who is world famous,not in one country india only.
    Shahrukh Khan is famous india and in overseas( like hollywood actors are world famous SRK is famous in hollywood too) dont believe check it out here……while salman is in india only..Shahrukh is king from his first movie Deewana to till Don 2…while salman is best from Wanted to bodygaurd….Shahrukh Khan has won 14 FilmFare awards…Shahrukh is the king of boxoffice india and overseas..SRK is the best all…long live SRK…….

  • kiran

    why salman films not breaking the record of ddlj

    • sean

      what record of ddlj? do you forget Salman’s HAHK was a bigger hit ?

      • sam

        ddlj still running at marata mandir

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking hilarious article and the last paragraph is great Bollywood stars such as Salman do have a lot to learn about humility and all that. These ppl are too used to having the attention all to themselves that when someone else is honored they can’t help, but make it all about them. But how dare you(author of the article) say Abhishek Bachchan was seated next to his LARGE wife. You couldn’t help but take a dig at Aishwarya Rai couldn’t you? It seems like that’s what everyone wants to do these days criticize Aishwarya about her weight.You think you can put in something subtle like that and no one would notice. BL has a serious jealousy of Aishwarya. Maybe you guys have a little to learn about being humble too not just Bollywood stars. It’s ridiculous I can’t believe this site has readers. This is just a copy of Hollywood Life.

  • prtp

    jitne log ne yaha par comment diya hai wo sab pagal hai. are tum lig kyun lafada kar rahe ko ek dusre se ? dekho cahe salman ho ya sahrukh sab apne apne jaga par hai. dono hi achhe kalakar hai. aur sab ki apni apni pasand hai. kisi ko sahrukh pasand hai to kisi ko salman. to isme jhagad ne ki kya bat hai. har admi ka apna apna soch, pasand hai bhai.
    achha lagta hai ,pasand hai to film dekho ahi to mat dekho. ek apsa me jhagad raheho. gali de rahe ko kisliye ? tumari bat kya salman ya sahrukh sun raha hai ? kya tum ko woo ake bolega ki bhai tumne bahut achha kaam kiya ? paisa wo kamarahai, maje wo karrahe hai, naam uni kaa hai, to hamara tumara kya hai ? kisi ko achha bura kahe ne se kya hota hai ? salman ko achha kahoge to woo ake tum ko thanku bolega ?ya phir sahruk ko achha bologe to woo ake tum ko thanku bolega ? nahi na ? to phir ek apas me kyun bakwas kar rahe ho haram jado ?

    • sam

      u have given a very good comment. yeh log kuch zyada hi stars ke piche deeewane ho jaate hain. dono shahrukh aur salman apne apne jagha par ache hain

  • Vidya

    This is very disrespectful.

  • akshay

    who is shahrukh khan infront of salman khan

  • suvadipa

    salman to tamil film copy karta hai.abhi srk ke dialogue chori karke itna explanatoin kyun de raha ha?salman should learn to concentrate on the occasion.sachin ke party pe gaya tha to sachin ke bare mein bolna chahiye,na ki apne bare mein ya apne enemy ke bare mein.this shows salman is troubled by srk’success every moment…

  • subash

    taras aata hai mujhe aise reporter par jo life me sirf negativity dekhte hain . Woh abhishek ki acting ho ya lata ji ka speach ya Amir ka message for Sachinb. They have made some point in life but certainly the reporter is not . God knows when India can see any optimystic news in media .

  • ranjna


  • ranjna


    • Faisal

      Salman is the man of his word, far better actor then Shahrukh Khan, far better looks the Shah Rukh Khan, far better then Human then Shah Rukh khan.

  • Ria singh

    I dnt get y people think salman is an amazing actor!! I mean really!! Does he have that kinda softness or emotions like shahrukh has…He just shows of his body,tht’s it! Believe it or not…shahrukh us THE best actor eva nd will be!! It’s nt tht shahrukh is my favorite,bt naturewiss he way way wayy better than salman…!

  • adna

    salmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan u r the best

    • malta

      Adna Please tell Salman Khan to find a life partner, first of all, then all can give more better comment.

  • muna


  • Ashish c. Thakare

    Actor usi ko kahte he jisne bina acting sal me 3 bb diye. Aur sabka fevorite bana he last 23 yrs se -salman

    Jaha tak god fathr ki bat he . Abishek having his father den why he cudnt estlablished himself in bolywod. Bt salman did this.

    Aftr giving 19 flops.stil he has 2nd biggest celibrity of india on fb,twitter,youtube having mor dan 4cr follower.aftr sachin tendulkar

    Woh bina acting pe movie hit kar deta. can srk do dis?

    Srk ki movie masala story etc pe chalti he. Bt salman ki movie me kuch nhi rahat

    • Rajiv


      Salman ke fans maangaye ki vo acting nahi karta. Kyu Mr. Ashish.Gr8. yaar.

      South ke remix karke bollywood mein teeka hua hai Salman and Aamir.aamir khan isliye nahi aata filmfare mein kyunki usse malum hain ki usse award mil hee nahi sakta kabhi. aamir and salman dono SRK Se pehle se B’wood mein hain, but unko tabhi award nehi milte the, tabh toh SRK ke nahi tha. SRK made himself.

      Aur haan King always be King or woh ek hee hota hain. Baaki sab Uske bodygaurd or idiot hote hain..

  • Ashish c. Thakare

    Srk hamesha filmfare award kharid leta he. Isiliye amir kabi award fn me nhi jata.qk sabko bata he amir is 10 times betr dan shahruk. Ekbar to aksay ne award show me filmfare walo ko hi gali de di thi. Why? Cos only politics & srk is king of politics. Aajkal to uski overacting dekne ka man b nhi hota.

  • Vivi

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