Salman Khan takes on Shahrukh Khan, yet again!

When it came to punctuality, Dabangg Khan scored brownie points over his arch rival Shahrukh. And here’s how…

On the morning of April 2, 2012, Salman was scheduled to attend a press conference for, a website he’s endorsing. But his team failed to procure the booking of the desired venue – a five star hotel at Bandra – because Shahrukh Khan had already booked it for his IPL event. Oops! A simple way out for Salman would have been to shift the venue and leave it at that. But do you know what the bratty star did? He consented to the change of venue, but postponed his event by a couple of hours.

Once rearranged, SRK’s event was scheduled for 1pm and Sallu bhai’s at 1.30pm, but at different locations. Uh oh! Owing to the close timings of the two, the media had to choose and divide its attention between the two events. And it became evident that people who wanted to attend Shahrukh’s event would have to give Salman a miss…or vice versa.

What’s more, Salman made a smart move by arriving at 1.35pm (almost on time – gasp!) while Shahrukh was his as-always stylishly-late self, walking in at 1.55 pm. And whether SRK liked it or not, it all made Salman appear like a thorough professional.

We wonder about the Baadshah’s reaction to this. Will he make up for it by being on time for all his future events? We don’t know, not yet. Guess only time and the next SRK event will tell.


Salman Khan takes another swipe at Shahrukh Khan