Salman Khan threatens a fisherman and his family for blocking his sea view

And fisherman Lawrence Falcon and his family have lodged a police complaint against the Dabangg Khan

Salman Khan, who is already dealing with the hit-and-run case, has one more controversy on his plate. According to reports, the trouble began when the actor purchased couple of properties (Belle View and Benar) in Bandra West’s Chimbai area in 2011. Since then, Khan’s bodyguards have been threatening the family of a suburban fisherman Lawrence Falcon and his family because their fishing nets were blocking the sea view from Salman’s house.

The fisherman reported this incident thrice (September 2011, May 2012 and December 2012), but the police filed only a non-cognisable offence against Sallu bhai.

Finally, Falcon, along with the members of other citizen associations, approached Additional Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangre Patil with this problem. And Falcon has been assured that an inquiry will be conducted into the same.

Does that mean another court case is in the offing for Salman Khan? Only time will tell. But stay cued in to this space for more dope on the Dabangg Khan’s fishermen trouble.