Salman Khan to host TV show for losers?

That’s what the actor claims he wants to do; he finds the idea much more interesting than 10 Ka Dum or Bigg Boss

The speculation about whether Salman Khan will host Bigg Boss 6 or not is yet to reach a definite conclusion, but the actor has already stated what kind of show he really wants to host. Yes, it is a reality show, but no, it is not a chat show. You could call it a game show with a difference.

Salman revealed in an interview recently that he wants to be a part of a show in which the person who gives the wrong answers, wins. If a contestant gives the right answer, he will be eliminated! Before you ask what is going to stop someone from deliberately giving the wrong answer, Sallu has an answer to that too. He wants a polygraph machine that will check whether the contestant really doesn’t know the answer or is deliberately lying. Salman also claimed that he wants to do this, “so that someone who has no chance of winning, wins”. That’s an interesting concept, don’t you think?