Salman Khan to leave Bigg Boss 7?

Salman Khan to leave Bigg Boss?

The actor was miffed with Kushal Tandon

Salman Khan was so upset with TV actor Kushal Tandon’s bad behaviour towards actor Tanishaa Mukherji on the show that he said it would be his last season with the reality show as the host.

The 47-year-old  gave an earful to Kushal for insulting Tanisha last week. “If you are thinking that you can clean your image, it’s a misconception,” Salman told Kushal, and added he too had faced it and realised that one’s mistakes are engraved on people’s memories. “Because of this episode, this might be the last season for me,” he said Saturday.

Salman talked about the issue again on Twitter responding to queries from his followers. He wrote that according to Bigg Boss fans both should have been out, “but there was a lot more than wat you saw”.

“You see an hour, I see the whole deal. Guess some of you guys may not react when some one speaks to female members of your family or women in that manner,” Salman tweeted. “But I do not. Most of us men and women stand up against men who run them down,” wrote the super star and added that if this is not the culture, “it better become”.

The actor also said that people get carried away during the show, and praised the concept.

“It’s a good show to learn how to be physically and mentally strong. The tasks go on for 48 hrs and more. Without no proper sleep or food. Halwa hai kya (Is it a cakewalk?),” he wrote.

“I am only answering your question about BB (Bigg Boss) because you are following me. This is a game. It’s on TV so, I like to keep a check on it.” “The choice is yours if you want to watch it or not. Some times people do get carried away in fights. Everyone does and then they sort it out,” he added.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • susan

    Salman was very based yesterday. He himself showed disrespect to women now he is preaching ‘respect for women’. The way he spoke to Gauhar was not fair and was completely contradicting was he preached. Was a fan of his and not anymore.

    • Jargan

      Guahar was just interrupting between their conversation, guahar is jagat mata armaan rightly said that.. We don’t like her

    • Priya

      Its true, i completely agree i guess he’s protecting Tanisha cos she’s ajay Devgan’s salli….. Tanisha if u want respect then learn to give respect first!!!

  • Soha

    Salman khan aced it last night.every thing he said made sense and now all ye Gauhar and kushal’s Friends and family are ganging up against salman on social media.such retards!

  • kkusum

    Salman Khan was really biased in yesterday’s episode, if he was talking about woman’s respect where did his respect go? Is Tanisha only woman in the house are there not any others? The way he spoke to Gauhar was literally unacceptable, where did his so called ‘Respect to Woman’ go????? Salman is the Host of the show so he should equally give all of the contestant chance to speak and hear all of the contestant, rather than getting miffed and making up his own mind without knowing what happened.

    • Darshan Singh

      Salman was totally right. He has all respect for the people who deserve it.

  • shoeb a khan

    actually he should leave the show now, big boss as turned into salman boss. he is been very partial to some contestants and favoring some from film fraternity. this not good yaar as a host he should be same to every one

    • Darshan Singh

      Salman is fully ringht in excercising his vested powers. Whatsoever he had stated if right.

  • Jahan

    Salman khan by himself very rude person, and he start to teach others , he always remarked tv person together but he should not forget he is doing tv show. No respect for him.

  • Pooja

    Salman’s attitude yesterday was astonishing. He says respecting a person is of utmost importance to him yet he completely overlooked the fact that Armaan had abused Kamya and Andy. Armaan had promised that he would never misbehave and yet called Andy a chhakka. Yet Mr. Khan and nothing but praise for him. Shouldn’t the host be impartial?

  • rita

    Good Gauhar was asked to keep quiet and not interrupt. Answer when questioned. She butts in too much.

  • Jatin

    He was not unfair, I like the way he was scolding kushal,,, she should have slapped

  • Ammaiysha

    Salman Khan IS ALWAYS biased with Tanisha and Armaan Kohli.
    I can see that he doesn’t like the TV actors and sides for Tanisha & Armaan blindly giving them the support to play the game in the nasty way

  • Ammaiysha

    Salman Khan IS ALWAYS biased with Tanisha and Armaan Kohli.
    I can see that he doesn’t like the TV actors and sides for Tanisha & Armaan blindly giving them the support to play the game in the nasty way.
    He stood for Tanisha why? cant she talk about herself? why did he never stood for Asif, Rajat, Kamya, Gauhar, Elli, Anita, Andy & other when they had a fight with Arman and arman swear at them.
    Why he said Tanisha “is it worth?” when she was arguing with pratyusha?
    He thinks that the TV actors and models are not to their standard but Arman & Tanisha as they belongs to the film Indsustry.

  • Khurshid

    If Salman is so concerned about everyone being respected then what about Armaan abusing Kamya and calling Andy a chhakka? Tanisha herself calls others “kichhad” and that is overlooked? Shouldn’t the host of the show be impartial?

  • priya

    I guess Salman was right to some extent, just some

    Bt its true zat Tanisha is getting lot of preferences, she is being over protected, it was just a task, Kushal was unfair calling her a flop actress etc…. Bt did she respect her limits?????????

  • neha

    i totally disagree with salman.. there was no fault of kushal. tanisha behaviour was not fair.

    • rose123

      Open ur eyes and watch television.if u found nothing wrong in how disgusting and biased kushal was towards tanisha in the task and how demeaning he was to her.somethings wrong with u….just shows how much u respect women….being a woman u hav to thank salman for standing up for us.
      grow up


    Salman was absolutely correct. And gauhar ki toh aadat hai beech mein bolne ki,salman just asked not to mein kya galat hai jugaad to nahin kya usko.And kushal toh ase behave kar raha tha jaise usko armaan ne dhakka maara fatt gayi larki ke dhakke se

  • vinod

    Hats off to Gauhar.. Every word she spoke today is true.. I hope Salman realize that he is biased and does not even deserve to host the show.

  • Darsahan Singh

    Salman was fully right to reprimand Gauhar & Kushal. They both are irretating. Well done Salman.

  • Zulfi Shaikh

    Salman is too partial towarda armaan and tanisha….he is so worried about tanisha as a woman who should be respected by men in the house…and blasted kushal for this…so is gauhar not a woman in the house….when andy (sick character) used gauhar’s undergarments for the task…for this he is not eliminated but shifted to another house….just coz salman favours him…and armaan stands up to support him against kushal… now where salman khans humanitarian attitude is gone..if the same act was done with elly or tanisha then salman…bigg boss..armaan wud hv blown it out of proportion.

  • Zulfi Shaikh

    Y salman cant see anyother women in the house…when the disrespect happened with gauhar…the cheap act which andy did by using her undergarments. ..y salman is so quiet. ..and bigg boss shifted andy to another room….when kushal said derogatory statement which was far less cheap and disrespectfull as compared to wat andy did to gauhar…on top of that taking a stand for a woman against such a cheap act…instead armaan stands up to support him….salman shud not forget that even he has sister’s. ..if somebody does the same thing to his sister’s wat andy did to gauhar…wud nt he stand against it or instead support andy.

  • Sunidhi

    Yes Salman should leave Bigg Boss because he is interfering too much in the show. As per the pattern of the show he is just supposed to give information about voting of audience, who is safe and who is eliminated to the housemates. Also talk with them after elimination from the house. If he tells the housemates what the audience feels and what is happening outside then there is no point of the show having a pattern of no communication means in the house. The housemates should then be given their cellphones and other communication devices. Moreover, Salman telling the housemates what they told about each other spoils the fun of the game and the interest in the show. I no longer want to watch Bigg Boss because of Salman Khan.