Salman Khan to marry girlfriend Iulia Vantur in 2014?

Salman Khan to marry Iluia Vantur?

Sallu hinted at a possibility of getting hitched by the end of this year as he is tired of being single for a long time

The 48-year-old Jai Ho star, who was at his funniest best at an event last evening, did not rule out the chances of marrying Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur, whom he is allegedly dating for quite some time.

“Now I’m in transit period and I like it. From the age of 15, I did not get a transit period. For the first time, I have such a chance to sigh. I am sighing more since it has been two-and-a-half years. It’s time to stop sighing because something soon will happen in my life. I follow humanity. I follow Islam, Christianity, and follow right thing as much I can. I have been kind of blessed. Father is Pathan, mother is Hindu, second mother is catholic, and brother-in-law is Punjabi. Wife, I am thinking to bring from outside,” Salman said.

Salman has often been linked with his co-stars and also being termed as a ‘possessive’ boyfriend. He admitted that he was a miserable lover but a great friend. “When you are in a relationship you try everything to see that she doesn’t leave you. You try to be good. You give her a silent treatment. You yell, cry and when nothing works you say go. I thought they were the most correct people for me. Great girls bad boyfriend. I have not been like the most incredible boyfriend. I could be the friend and I have heard this from the ex-girlfriends also that (he is) a great friend but miserable boyfriend,” Salman said.

The actor also thanked his parents – father Salim Khan and mothers Sushila Charak Khan and Helen – for being with him at his worst times. “No child would have given them as may problems. I was a naughty kid. They had to hear slanderous things about their son from others – the jail episodes, the cases that have come. If these things would not have come, my father and mother would have looked as young as I look now,” he said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • maya padke

    lullu…no way..she looks likes vamp….she is not perfect Jodi for SK.

  • Firoz

    Whoever he wishes to marry,I just want him to be happy,wishing you all the happiness in life bro,if anybody deserves it,it’s you!

  • dewi

    oooh noooooo lulia

    salman deserves a good woman , not like miss vantur

    • dana

      I think Iulia deserve a good man, not a controversial person like Salman.

      • Rahull


    • Preety kaur

      yes salman deserves good women .. but lulia is gud

  • dewi

    i hope all this just rumour……., salman should married indian girl…not firangi porno girl like miss vantur

  • Firoz

    Whoever he wants to marry is fine,we just want him to be happy,with a dozen kids at least,for future fireworks & lots of li’ll Salman might one day save this world,laddu time:-)



  • dana

    What means Pathan? :) anyway, interesting family: mother- Hindu, step mother- Christian Catholic, brother in law-Punjabi and future wife Christian Orthodox. And he is secular humanist . Iulia deserves a good man, preferably a Romanian, not a person such controversial like Salman. And he’s too famous, the press will not leave them alone, no privacy, so better she will not marry him.

    • Zaid KiTTuR

      No matter it’s a Romanian girl or an indian … But Bhai is getting married that sounds good.. Salman Bhai is carrying the slogan …. (APNA KAAM BANTA BHAD MEH JAYE JANATA) with lots of love Congratulations salman Bhai

      • dana

        I still don’t think Salman is the best choice for Iulia (different culture, mentalities, gap age etc.) , but if they marry, I wish them all the best.

        • Zaid KiTTuR

          That’s what we have to do is wish salman Bhai luck

          • Humaira Islam

            Salman up plz Indian ladki sa shadi karna kiuke kise ve relationship may understanding hona jaruri hay.I think Lulia sa ache ladki milage upko.May yea nahi bolrahihu ke Lulia achi nahi hay but I think u deserve batter.U r really very good person.

          • bisi akinsanya

            I wish salman happy if it is true he’s consdering mariage but for God sake vantur pls don’t make mistake of a life time those people from industry they’re not meant for u they only want to use u to climb lader forget about them and look beyond industry I think jackline will be okay for what u don’t see we your fans see it and u are breaking her heart indirectly without knowing I know she care for u with or without mariage pls look for another woman who will understand your culture and remember u still have case if it hapen u are jail do u think she will wait for u to come out pls don’t jump before u leap

          • bisi akinsanya

            Salman don’t forget we your fans want what’s best for all what said I feel your heart ache u make some mistake and u will have to live with it but pls don’t ever blame yourself with your shortcoming all those actress are not meant to be they came with a purpose to use u and u let them because u human u are not God and u can’t see beyond so pls don’t blame yourselve it is their looss and not yours what will be will be like your father said u take too long to propose they’ve waited too long before u propose by that time they’ve started looking elsewhere thinking u are not serious whoever u see now go for it and don’t delay learn from your past mistakes


    I think that he wants to marry and love, whether Indian or foreign is important to marry and get rid of celibacy

  • Anmol

    Salman khan deserves a beautiful indian woman… Not lulia…

  • Anmol

    Salman khan, pl marry a beautiful loving indian girl….

  • waqas

    bhai tum kya kar rhay ho sab sey bari bewakufi r u mad demlishing ur style

  • guest

    She fits h8m perfectly

  • gaggy

    vantur is not good for sallu so i rqst to sallu get marry wth indian woman like katreena or ash

  • Tassawur Hussain

    I think
    Sir sulman marry with pakistani religion girl…
    And go to umra and haj…
    Then apni life ik ko enjoy karin…
    But Allah ko yad rhakin jo humy sb kotch deta ha…
    Chay jitni b mjbori ho but 5 wkt namz parh liya karin…
    Aur yeh vickey&vodka etc chor dain


    European girls are way better than Indian girls


    Salman Khan bhai jan is good man good woman Married to Ellie and dasy girl and South Indians girls.
    Salman bhai jan no married Lulia .


    Salman bhai jan please married to huma q.

  • Moonlight Star

    Congratulations Salman khan & i’m happy for you & a good choice , lulia vantur ,
    Beautifull & smart woman
    Bhai “Salman” i wish you a long life
    And to see your children & grandchildren
    And i wish you a good life

    Signature : Nona
    From : KSA

  • rosy

    It’s Salman’s choice… all i want is for u to be happy dats it

  • baby

    when i see lulia i think of the song everything she sees by wham and the song is about a money hungry whore salman please don’t marry her she’s just using you for the money and fame

  • baby

    i meant everything she wants by wham