Salman Khan to reunite with family!

The Khans will all be back together at their Galaxy home

Salman Khan’s family home in Galaxy Apartments was under renovation. Due to this, Sallu’s family was renting out. His parents, Salim Khan and Salma Khan and sister Arpita Khan had moved to another flat in April. Now that Salman has moved to his renovated home, he will soon be joined by the rest of his family in the third week of this month.

Salman’s father, Salim Khan says, “All our saaman will shift from Pacific Heights to Galaxy Apartments on November 15. The process of shifting will take about three days.” He added, “I am so used to that house. I can’t wait to get back. I miss those long walks near the sea.”

With Salman and the other Khans back to their family home, Galaxy will have all its missing stars back.