Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan – the next chapter

Salman takes a swipe at SRK again, this time My Name is Khan style

The petty rivalry between Salman and SRK continues apace. While SRK appears to be maintaining a dignified silence (assuming of course he knows what dignity is), Sallu-bhai is going to town taking unwarranted swipes at his greatest rival. There is an organisation called the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and they hold an annual jamboree for their members and this year, Salman was the chief guest. The old boy was in mid-season form. He first took off on Indian émigrés to America, saying: “All my friends who have gone to America, they don’t even want to come back for a holiday, wonder why. I am an actor, those guys were the ‘sensible’ ones, educated – engineers, doctors, scientists. These guys went there and made a lot of money, respect.”

Sallu then took on Hollywood and our own Bollywood, tongue firmly in cheek: “Me, I am giving Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, all these guys a chance. Otherwise…poor guys. Amazing movies, they make anything look good. Like for example the names I took, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise. We just go on emotions and heart. We overdo anything, I mean, guys like us also look really bad.”

But the least of the Khans reserved his best for SRK: “I mean, my name is actually Khan and I actually am not a terrorist.”

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Deepika Padukone remains as obsessed with her body as ever. The Cocktail tease said: “I wish it was so easy and natural. I think the Indian body type is somehow not suited for a bikini. We as Indians have to work a little extra hard if we wish to carry it off.” The poor lass had her work cut out to maintain her hot bod for the Cocktail shoot: “I changed my workout slightly. Basically, I just had to sacrifice going out for dinners every time producer Dinesh Vijan took the cast out for dinners. I would just sit in my room alone and ate steamed fish and not have any dessert.”

All that changed post shoot: “I remember being so disciplined that the day I finished the bikini shoot and I knew I could start eating normally, Vijan took me out for dinner and I had this big chocolate dessert. Food and desserts, I think the restaurant ran out of food.” But your fans will never run out of drool Deepika.