Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan – the next chapter

Salman Khan vs Shahrukh Khan – the next chapter

Salman takes a swipe at SRK again, this time My Name is Khan style

The petty rivalry between Salman and SRK continues apace. While SRK appears to be maintaining a dignified silence (assuming of course he knows what dignity is), Sallu-bhai is going to town taking unwarranted swipes at his greatest rival. There is an organisation called the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and they hold an annual jamboree for their members and this year, Salman was the chief guest. The old boy was in mid-season form. He first took off on Indian émigrés to America, saying: “All my friends who have gone to America, they don’t even want to come back for a holiday, wonder why. I am an actor, those guys were the ‘sensible’ ones, educated – engineers, doctors, scientists. These guys went there and made a lot of money, respect.”

Sallu then took on Hollywood and our own Bollywood, tongue firmly in cheek: “Me, I am giving Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, all these guys a chance. Otherwise…poor guys. Amazing movies, they make anything look good. Like for example the names I took, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise. We just go on emotions and heart. We overdo anything, I mean, guys like us also look really bad.”

But the least of the Khans reserved his best for SRK: “I mean, my name is actually Khan and I actually am not a terrorist.”

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Deepika Padukone remains as obsessed with her body as ever. The Cocktail tease said: “I wish it was so easy and natural. I think the Indian body type is somehow not suited for a bikini. We as Indians have to work a little extra hard if we wish to carry it off.” The poor lass had her work cut out to maintain her hot bod for the Cocktail shoot: “I changed my workout slightly. Basically, I just had to sacrifice going out for dinners every time producer Dinesh Vijan took the cast out for dinners. I would just sit in my room alone and ate steamed fish and not have any dessert.”

All that changed post shoot: “I remember being so disciplined that the day I finished the bikini shoot and I knew I could start eating normally, Vijan took me out for dinner and I had this big chocolate dessert. Food and desserts, I think the restaurant ran out of food.” But your fans will never run out of drool Deepika.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    • sheraf ansari

      abe kyo lad rhe ho y salman bhi janta h aur jo uske fan h wo bhi ki shahruk uska baap h aur beta hamesha baap k samne chota hi rhega.

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    • Mohammad Idrees

      Sallu sab actor ka baap hai
      srk ka face zig zagg hai aur me ne itna badsoorat koi nai dekha jita shah rukh hai

  • lovely

    because there are fans obnoxious and ungainly flight as four miscellaneous statements that caused them to misunderstand each other more than to whip two khan’s can not becom friends are

  • sunny shah

    salman khan always rocks and always help to needy people. and always donates to the need of education and health of poor people. shahrukh khan always do the film for making money and invested money in IPL for business . he never donates money to poor people

    • deepak

      dd dnt say that he never do any charity,all other bollywood stars do that but they will publicize it
      shahrukh wnt publicize it,thats d fact…

  • sunny shah

    shahrukh khan always jeaolus with various actors like salman khan, aamir khan , ajay devgon, akshay kumar, etc. shahrukh never bond with them and he has no freindship with any of the bollywood actors. i hates him so much.

    • Zulqarnain

      Bro a mega star will never feel jealous of these mini stars as you described ,bfor saying anythng weigh it nicely

  • Zulqarnain

    Salman is a waste without his muscles ,a novice in acting ,he cant take a dig at srk ,because srk rules india

  • lovely

    why talk about sallu marriage, what is marriage? marriageis is th trust if you do not have beliefs about the object you areused to implement best not to marry, only tiem consuming but that overall diamond

  • gh mohiuddin

    Shah rukh is the most handsome man on this page lone

    • Salman Khan

      Toh muh me le le uska, Katbulle!! :P

    • lovely

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  • Salman Khan

    @Sharukh Ji: Hum tum mein itne chhed karenge, ki confuse ho jaoge, ki saas kaha se ley aur pade kaha se..!!

    • Sharukh Khan

      @Salman ji: Ladai goliyon se nahin, dil se jeeti jati hain. :P :P
      Saale Salman ji, itna bhi nahi pata tumhe.

      • Aamir Khan

        @Salman and @Sharukh: Tere dil mein meri saanson ko panaah mil jaaye,
        tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye!! He he!! :)

        • Ajay Devgn

          Aata majhi satakli!! :@

        • Ajay Devgn

          Aata majhi satakli!!! :@ :@

          • Aamir Khan


          • shahid kapoor

            larai dil se jite jati hai…srk is always best

    • faizgkl faiz patel

      oyyy teri planing achchi hai mian sirf tujh mein ek ched aur badhadonga phir tu khud conphiuj hojayga ke koi leraha hai ya de raha hai ….

  • sheraf ansari

    srk always king salman is fattu kabhi jindagi me srk ki brabri nhi kr sakta.

    • faiz

      u r right bro

    • addy

      srgay ki brbari kya karega apna bhai, slman tho tiger hai srgay lombdi, tiger kabhi lombdi ki barabari ki hai kya….

  • Cindee

    ‘hmm well SRK is popular and did awesome job at INDIAN cinema,but he always been so showed off,actualy he act something else reaction onto the public to gain tha he is coolest person,he never show what is in his inside,i’d never liked him nor do i hate him.Turn to Salman khan instead he is arrogant but deep down of him he is most adorable man i’d ever read of human nature.He get huge emotions whenever he saw poor fellow. That is what a purity to being human being. But seems his fate keep playing with him by putting on through lots of unwanted controversis. May god bless him!

  • Ndm

    shahrukh akele 8 filmfare lya h salman ka pura khandan mlke v 1 nhi le paya to salman ka fans smjh hi skte ho aur kya bole jyada?

  • akshay

    salman nice body but srk better actor

  • srk lover

    note 4 ek tha bndar fans’hello us salman nai itnai paisai dubai hai producero kai apnai pehalai ki flmp filmo mai aur ab agar do char movie mai us do char rupai kama diya to jyada chilanai ki jarurat nai hai.his name shld be ek tha bandar.nd just wait for srk next wil be nt blockbuster it wil be world buster movie.aur ek tha bndar ki total encm vo apnai phehlai hi din mai kar dai gi’ luv u srk.u rock.

  • tiger

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  • kaushal

    salman is the mahanayak and srk is the pocketmaar…. sala laake road pr aa gya … aur dekh lo ek tha tiger ka collection

  • nawed khan

    salman ke baap matlab shahrukh sab se top pe hai

  • Mohammad Idrees

    Salman khan srk ka baap aur bollywood ka shahinshah hai jab ke srk salman se mar khane ki acting sahi kr skta hai baqi to hr seen overacting wala hota hai

    • Ravi

      Abe srk ke paas jitne film fare hai utni to tere salmaan ki hit filme bhi nahi hai bada aaya

    • A Rauf Jan

      salman srk ka tatte chatne wala hai

  • swapnil vasave

    Srk kamse kam over-acting hi sahi, par acting to karta hai….
    woh salmaan to acting ke naam par ”Dhabba” hai.
    Criminal hai jo samaj me Ghumne ke layak nahi. Bada aya Being human’ pehle to car se garib logo ko kuchlo or phir being human bante Fhiro…

    • rajendra

      e tere ko jab malum nahin ki acting kisko kahte hai to bola mat kar

  • rakibul

    what is acting,that need learn salman from SRK.

  • Umair shamsi

    srk is the king of bollywood while salman is a sweaper of bollywood srk is no.1 ever

  • A Rauf Jan

    best of luck ‘king of bollywood’ for making chennai express

  • Abu kader

    King khan hai to saharukh khan

  • Chalie Chaplin

    Salman-SRK – these are indeed good actors – they really are experts in acting like real actors!!!

    They feed a people that accepts them as great pretenders – they feed them with cheap junk while at the same time asking their little rupees to make them richer.

    Disgusting fagals!

  • Panakj

    I’m not a big fan of SRK or Hater of Salman…but if u comparing both f dem…then Isi Salman ne gadi se logo ko udaya hain wo bhi pike….ab jail bhi jayega…..