Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur staying with his parents!

Salman Khan’s alleged girlfriend Iulia Vantur staying with his parents!

The bhai of Bollywood was recently spotted with the Romanian beauty driving up to his parents’ residence in his new swanky car

Salman Khan’s love life has been nothing short of a filmi story and the actor is back in the news, thanks to his new arm candy, Iulia Vantur. The most eligible bachelor of B-town seems to be taking his relationship with the Romanian beauty quite seriously. Just a few days ago, the duo was seen driving up to Salman’s parents’ residence and we hear the firang is staying with them.

Iulia, who is based out of US, hardly knows anyone in India. And that’s why Salman reportedly insisted that she stay at his place. Now, we all know that Sallu goes out of his way to help his friends and loved ones but this time the Dabangg Khan seems to have gone one step further.

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  • bhagwani rijwan

    say sory to victim family & pay the.
    suficent amount to all victim family

    aur aap ko gadi chalane ki kya jaru
    rat hai
    aap ke liye to koi bhi driver ban jayega

  • Riya

    Salman is being taken for a ride again. These eastern European girls go to Dubai to work as pros

    • komal

      how can u say that???? riya

    • ana

      Iulia is a very good educated Girl,from a good,cultivated Family,and a tv star in Romania….so far away from a prostitute

    • x

      I think you should keep your thoughts for youself about East European girls and honestly about anyone. I you don`t know her, don`t judge her. See I don`t know you but from your comment I can tell that you have a closed mind, did you went to dubai? Did you see one of these East European girls as a pros in Dubai?

    • Angela

      Iulia Vantur is to star in Romania as condemning Salman Rushdie Khan to you.It is educated and is successful .I don’t want to even 1% of the girls don’t work that way, “I don’t understand.however what was he doing there, too, when there is civilisation and has everything he needs, fame fortune respect.” “What is he doing it in the dirt that I don’t quite understand,

    • Angela

      cred ca tu ai fost acolo si stii vai de capul tau!I think you must have been there and you know woe to your head!

  • sanghita

    i hate iulia vantur………salman will be prisoner for iulia vantur……Iulia vantur got to married with marius moga in 2008…..why iulia vanutr r trying to date with salman ???????? everyone should deny on iulia vantur………..

  • sanghita

    iulia vantu got to married with marius moga ……iulia vantur r trying to date with salman ……Iulia vantur should ashramed ……so iulia vantur need no come in india more now…….i hate iulia vantur…..

    • DeB

      Iulia Vantur is not married :) you can google’it ;;)

  • twinkle

    i think this girl is already a divorcee

  • maya

    let the people be together if they want, women are the same all over the world, there nice women and bad women everywhere, Iulia is a great girl, Salman is hot, they are right for each other. Stop hating.

  • Angela

    I don’t know what offended without know nothing! I’ll go down in our country but you work, you are well received and give your money to maintain their families, you know very well that here is not that I don’t want to life is much better, more educated people and terms and conditions, in my opinion this condemning Salman Rushdie Khan is not a deserve to Iulia, I really don’t understand!

  • Claudia

    I am Claudia from Romania and here’s what I honestly think about so-called marriage between Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan. Iulia Vantur is no way a big TV star in Romania, let’s be serious and speak the truth. All Romanians know this.
    She just presented some editions of “Dance with the stars” show (and not so well, I would say) and some other insignificant morning news editions. That’s it. She’s more known for her relationship with Marius Moga, I don’t have any clue about these two were married, I don’t go too much into these sort of cabaret news.
    As for a possible serious relationship, let alone a marriage with the big Bollywood star Salman Khan, I don’t even dare to think of such a preposterous thing. Between Salman Khan and this common woman is a difference as from heaven to earth in terms of level of education, family principles, celebrity standard and financial power. And Salman Khan knows all this for sure. I think it’s just the media making such a fuss about that.

    • mac

      I am totally agree with you.

  • Adegboye fathia

    I didn’t believe…but if its true they are having affair. I will happy for him. But make him keep on praying of deceit. But God know the best.

  • darshan

    bhai sallu she is perfect I think u know.

  • Sagar Bhowmik

    superb bhi