Posted Fri, March 1, 2013 4:40pm IST

The flagship brand of the superstar’s foundation will soon make clothes for females, and aim for bigger returns

Salman Khan’s Being Human line of clothing is a hit among men, but the actor’s female fans kinda feel left out because the brand doesn’t make clothes for them. Star-struck girls are more than happy to simply wear Being Human tees made for men, in the ‘S’ size.

But now that is about to change, as Salman’s fashionline will stuff its outlets with apparel aimed at women by March end. The brand also wants to cash in on the female spending- and decision-making power as far as purchasing clothes for husbands, boyfriends and brothers is concerned.

According to reports, after the women’s collection is launched, Being Human’s turnover is expected to increase significantly. At Rs 35 crores right now, the brand is aiming for a whopping 1,000 percent jump in turnover to reach Rs 350 crores in two years.

Of course, this will be linked to store expansion and the fate of Salman’s films at the box office. But a major share of the revenue is expected to come from small-town stores, with fans thronging to grab a part of their beloved Bhai’s existence.

What now seems like charity and extra revenue to Salman might actually turn out to be very good retirement planning for him, considering the volatile nature of the film business. So, do we see Being Human baby and kidswear, toys, formals and accessories and the like soon, Salman?

Photos: Being Human