Salman Khan’s box office success inspires BBC documentary

Tue, October 23, 2012 6:12pm IST by
Salman Khan’s box office success inspires BBC documentary

The Dabangg Khan of B-town only gets bigger. And here’s how…

We all know about Salman Khan’s Midas touch at the box office. And looks like the buzz about Sallu bhai’s popularity with the masses has also reached the office of the British Broadcasting Corporation who have decided to investigate, research and document the effect our hunk has on a movie’s earnings.

Now, if this isn’t good news then what is? It will definitely make Salman grin this Eid, right? But while we raise a toast to our Robinhood Pandey’s success, hear this – birdies chirp that Salman has refused to help the makers of this documentary! Why? Is our desi dude acting whimsical again?

Surprisingly, no! Sallu has decided to sit back and not contribute to this project ‘coz he’s too humble to praise himself. Awww! And so, we are told, a close friend of Salman’s will help BBC make this documentary.

This will be Salman Khan’s first step towards international fame – something that his colleagues Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are already used to! Cheers, Sallu bhai!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Tarik

    Great news Salman Khan is the Best

  • Jibon

    Salman khan king of bollywood . He is a reale hero indian . King of bollywood box office. Good blase you salman khan

  • Tina

    great news…
    salman is the Best

    • ALTAF


  • Mine

    The reason why he acts too Humble is deep inside he knows that he is such a Waste Actor and indeed a Criminal.LALLU MONKEY

    • Danny

      Or maybe he just isnt many oder actors..

  • anika

    Indian journalists are liers.

  • Himanshu kumar singh


  • ronie

    salman best

  • Linda

    Salman khan is d worst actor on earth,he is a lowlife impotent beast,Shahrukh khan is d best actor followed by hitrik roshan,salf ali khan & ranbir kapoor,amir & salman khan plus ajay devgn can go 2 hell,cos srk rocks weda u demented haters lik it or not sorrrryyyyy hahhaahhaha

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