Salman Khan’s fee for Shhuddhi Rs150 crore?

Salman Khan’s fee for Shhuddhi Rs150 crore?

The Kick actor’s fee is being termed as the highest ever paid to any Bollywood actor till date

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to hear about Salman Khan being a part of Karan Johar’s Shhuddhi. But looks like his stint comes with a heavy price!Reports suggest that the Kick actor has reportedly demanded a whopping Rs 150 crore for the film. A source while informing a portal revealed, ” Firstly Salman has asked for the entire first week’s worldwide collection as part of his fee. Secondly, Salman asked and got 40 percent of the satellite rights of Shhuddhi. And finally from the accrued profits of the film Salman will get 20 percent, while Dharma will walk away with 80 percent.”

The fee is being termed as the highest ever paid to any Bollywood actor till date. Well we can surely say that Salman never fails to surprise us with his unique ways!






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  • Terminator

    Shuddhi gonna be a flop like Gay ho.. Karan johar saala Srk ke beena kuch nahi hai … chutiya kahi ka

    • Rangika Ba.

      Haha sharukh Psycho fans..jealousy people..sharukh is nothing without yash chopra and karan johar..look all the films he did well, with those producers..greedy person of the industry is the sharukh everyones knows, otherwise he won’t go for tours to promote his film HNY..haha HNY IS A FLOP..he will earn money because of deepika, thats what happened in chennai express too…who will go to watch old man film..dont bark like a dog u idiot..why did u see whether he is gay..haha i think u do.

  • salman fan

    That’s why he is a baap of all actors. Haha now no one will come to compere with him. All will be pani cum chai in front of salman.

    • Terminator

      gay ho.. zero acting..

      Rapid fire round to Salman khan…
      1)Why did you put the blame of killing pedestrians on your driver?
      2)Why did you hunt rare species animal in rajasthan?was it for fun?
      3)Why did you bully other actors and patronize your close relatives?
      4)Why did you make crappy movies?

      Juhi,Madhuri,Raveena and many more calls him bhai bcoz salman’s connection to underworld.. He can only be a brother, not a husband..

      He is a criminal… being human kehne se koi be human ban jatta hai .. Chutiya ka pattha hai salman khan

      This guy is an e.u.n.e.c.h that’s why he is still single.48 mein bhi virgin hai chutiya. How can this guy still has supporters who used to beat aishwarya,katrina.. he then slapped subhash ghai, destroyed the whole set of chalte chalte .. created havoc outside aishwarya’s house.. i am suprised that katrina dated this loser for 5 years … this guy is psycho .. what has he achieved ..not yet won a single filmfare award for best actor yet compare him to shahrukh..he is a criminal..this guy talks of humanity and hasn’t done anything human till date..

      Shahrukh is way better guy than this loser.. shahrukh has achieved all things on his own without family’s aid.

      • baap of gladiator

        its called jealousy..great hahaha many people in the industry they are also from a big family like uday chopra, zayed khan , fardeen khan, bobby deol, etc where they are??? salman never used is father status to become an actor n he has immense talent and great actor.n above all is a great human being n most generous people in the industry who help anyone without thinking of own profit or lose why srk never do that he is also a world richest actor..i m not sat ng that srk is bad actor he is a good actor…n how can u say salman kill peoples .. don’t judge others without knowing them idiot.. All the top actress r dying to work with salman n u say how can katrina dated him nhi to kya tujhe date kregi loser..salman never cared fir filmfare or any awards. Aamir is a great actor why is he boycott all the award function?? srk is loser not salman n u r his moron fan fuck u loser

      • chandra mohan

        teri mma ka bhosda bc , salman gay hote to tu kaise paida hota chutiya

      • salman fan

        Haha salman is loser? First get life dude you’re really psycho moron. You’re a big time loser cuz you’re crying for his sucess. Don’t know how you able to live in this world like this.

      • FANS

        saale jawan ko lagam de warna kutte ki maut marunga tughe,
        tucche admi tu kya janta hai salman ke bare me.
        bahan ke take jamin me gad dunga tughe.
        jane kaha kaha se tucche aa jate hai.

  • Terminator

    Shuddhi gonna be a flop like Gay ho.. Karan johar saala Srk ke beena kuch nahi hai … chutiya kahi ka

  • Rocky&Rocky

    first of all, if Dharma Production gives away Rs150 cr. only to the actor, how much it would cost them to make entire film and how much it would make profit from it? The report is not rational at all, period.

  • Nabila Naorin

    it’s all rubbish..check kjo’s twitter account..”Apparently I have paid 300 crores to 2 major super stars…yes!! If this is true then I am also looking for a job,a house,and a LIFE!!”-get your facts right first