Salman Khan’s Jai Ho trailer to be out this Friday?

The Dabangg Khan has stayed away from the big screen for more than a year now and he has surely been missed by his fans. So, here’s some goss for all Salman Khan fans…

Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha’s R…Rajkumar is all set to hit the theatres this Friday. Well, we’ll get to see our chocolate boy performing some really great action stunts in the film. But, that’s not the reason why die-hard Bollywood fans are awaiting this Friday with lots of enthusiasm. We hear that the trailer of Salman Khan’s much awaited Jai Ho will release with Shahid’s R…Rajkumar!

The Dabangg dude’s last release was in November 2012 and his fans have waited too long to see him back on the big screen, hai na? So, with Salman’s Jai Ho trailer releasing with R…Rajkumar, we won’t be surprised if there is an unexpectedly huge crowd at Shahid’s film. Well, looks like Sallu is being human, err courteous towards Sasha, who is being followed by ill-luck for too long now… Hopefully, we can expect Shahid’s film to collect better at the box-office. Wink, wink!