Salman Khan’s looking for new kinds of fun!

The Ek The Tiger star may soon make his love to entertain with delicious khana a public affair

Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger is a box office success, the chand has vanished in the presence of a bright sun and the Khan khandaan have filled their tummies with Iftaar yummies like luscious kebabs and scrumptious biryanis, but superstar Salman Khan’s not satisfied with the simple pleasures of being a movie star.

After ensuring his top position as the Blockbuster Khan and expanding his Being Human foundation beyond Indian boundaries, the Tiger is all set to jump into the business of food. No, he’s not turning farmer…or chef!

Our birdie the buddy, who is regularly perched on a banyan tree opposite the superstar’s Galaxy apartment, revealed to us: “Salman Khan is planning to open a restaurant.” Why would he do that? One, the Being Human founder loves to entertain friends and family over a lavish spread of the best wines and cuisine. Two, designer Ashley Rebello, who is famous among buddies for his cooking and eclectic taste in food, approached Salman with the idea of opening a restaurant.

This isn’t just hearsay gossip; the fashion designer is furiously hunting for a location in the western suburbs of Bandra and Khar (Salman lives in Bandra) to open the first restaurant. Hope they don’t follow their friends in Turkey who have rechristened the café that the superstar frequented during the ETT shoot as Salman Khan Café!

By the way, did Sallu get inspired by buddy Sanjay Dutt who co-partnered a famous lounge in the city a few years ago? Later it got shut down due to legal issues. So far in Bollywood, Arjun Rampal is the only one who hasn’t burned his fingers in the hospitality business. The handsome model turned actor owns a swank lounge called Lap in Delhi and is working on plans to bring it here to amchi Mumbai.