Salman Khan’s Mental to become Azaad

Apparently, Sallu’s Mental has been renamed again. We wonder why so much fuss over deciding a simple name for a film

It’s quite normal for films to be in the news over the change of star cast but our Dabangg dude’s Mental is in the news over its title. A little birdie tells us that Salman Khan’s Mental has gone yet another title change and apparently it’s been renamed as Azaad.

The Khan brothers can’t seem to finalise a name for their next film. The film tentatively titled Mental was renamed as Jai Ho. However, the filmmakers have changed their mind again and Jai Ho will now be Azaad, but this name isn’t final either.

Well, we wonder when Mental will be Azaad from this constant renaming! Anyways, why does the film’s name even matter when the film has Salman playing the lead, no?