Salman Khan’s remark on Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat riots evokes political ire!

Salman Khan’s remark on Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat riots evokes political ire!
Yogen Shah,

The Jai Ho star’s recent outing in Gujarat for his film’s promotion landed him in a political tussle

Salman Khan’s outing with Narendra Modi came under the political scanner, while the actor was in Gujarat for his film’s promotions. While Sallu’s effigies were burnt in Patna following this, looks like controversy’s cloud is till hanging heavy over the Dabangg‘s head. Salman played safe on all questions about Modi, “I have been impressed by the development in Gujarat. Seeing everyone happy and content gives me immense pleasure. The best man for the country should be the PM, good man (Narendra Modi) is standing next to me. God should decide who should be the best man for India. Jo Modi sahab ke takdeer mei hai woh unko milega, (Modi will get what is in his destiny). Aap ke liye Modi saab hai best man, for me Priya Dutt is the best person in my Bandra constituency.”

However, the actor’s recent statement in an electronic interview has created yet another political storm. Apparently Sallu extended support to Modi on the Gujarat riots controversy and this has become the talk of the town. As per reports, Salman in an interview to a leading news channel said Modi should not apologise since the judiciary has already exonerated him.

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  • Malenna Corredor

    I saw the full interview and recommend to see for yourself, Salman clearly says that he does not understand why he is been asking all this political questions, he is just promoting a film and meeting the CM of each State to request tax free on his film. When ask about Modi role on the riots he says ask the judges and the judiciary system in India that gave him a clean sheet and declared Modi not responsible for the riots.
    Get the facts straight, why create controversies where are non.

  • dipak dutta

    What Salman said is very true! our media is hypocrite and sees Indian people as community wise. I appeal everyone please see the interview and judge yourself if Salman is wrong. He is not Modi supporter or oppose, he is just doing his Job and giving his viewpoint. Hats off to him