Salman Khan’s security for Kick costs Sajid Nadiadwala a bomb!

Keeping in mind the huge scale of Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick, the production team kept aside five percent of their budget just for Bhai’s security

Salman Khan is no ordinary star, he is the superstar of Bollywood who is followed by hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. So we all know stories bout how people went berserk on spotting the Dabangg actor in Poland. And pictures of the actor’s Kick on location have surfaced time and again showing the tough times makers had to keep the eager fan crowds at bay. So, we weren’t surprised to know that a security budget for the shoot as well as large scale promotions of the movie were planned in advance.

It seems that the entire Delhi schedule was shot with 500 security people. In fact, except for the studio shoots every where Khans security was in 100s. It seems that with the Dabangg Khan taking to Delhi streets fans gathered in lakhs waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite hero. According to producer-turned-debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala with Salman in the picture he just couldn’t take a chance, he said, “We did not want to compromise on the locations so even if that came with a huge cost involved, it was worth it. In old Delhi, we have shot on streets where it is difficult to even walk. All in all it was a different experience for me to shoot with thousands of fans surrounding the set.”

In fact, even for the trailer launch of Kick in Mumbai’s famous single screen theatres Gaitey Galaxy, Sajid had an entire area cordoned off with over 100 security guards.

Clearly, Salman‘s stardom and security cost Sajid Nadiadwala a bomb!