Salman Khan’s ‘Wanted’ entangled in murder!

A die-hard fan is inspired by a famous line of dialogue from the film and commits homicide

Poor Salman Khan. When the actor isn’t being accused of committing some crime, he is implicated in other people’s wrongdoings. Talha Mohammed Munaf Ansari, a 29-year-old fan of the star, confessed to the cops recently that last month he killed courier boy Jeetu Sadarangani and stole Rs 9.5 lakh from him. Why? Because he had a loan to repay. When he was given an ultimatum to pay it back, he thought of Salman’s dialogue in Wanted: Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di, toh main apni bhi nahin sunta (Once I have made a commitment, I don’t change my mind). Inspired by that line, he decided to commit murder to get the money. When the cops caught him, they found a photograph that he had taken with Salman on the sets of Dabangg.

We are sure that when Salman spoke that line, he never thought someone would twist its meaning to suit their own nefarious purpose. Hopefully, the Ek Tha Tiger superstar won’t be disheartened by this incident and will continue to deliver charming one-liners with aplomb.