Salman seeks a simple spouse!

The actor wants an efficient homemaker and not a B-town babe!

Now we know why Salman Khan is still the eligible bachelor! The hunky star, who generally prefers to keep his personal life and romantic feelings under wraps, was recently heard saying that he will get married when he finds someone who is very efficient and has all the positive qualities of a happy homemaker. Considering that he has been involved with a who’s who list of Bollywood beauties, this one comes as a bit of a surprise to us, since we have always imagined bhai to go through the saat pheras with someone of the ilk of Somy, Sangeeta, Aishwarya, Katrina et al. What we do know about Sallu is that he comes from a large, strong and stable family, so perhaps he is looking for that one special girl who can fit in with the values that have been such a major part of his own life. And he has said so many times, too. So all you single women out there, if you are efficient and can be a good homemaker, you know where to sign up!