Sanaya Irani bags a new show on Life OK

Sanaya Irani bags a new show on Life OK

The Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon girl is back with a new show, and we are eagerly waiting

Sanaya Irani will hopefully come back with a new romantic tale as soon as she signs on the dotted line Saurabh Tewari’s Nautanki Telefilms is scripting a new story keeping the damsel in mind. The producers have approached Sanaya Irani and expressed their desire to cast her in the lead role.

The yet-to-be-titled show is supposed to be a romantic drama, more like melodrama and we will see Sanaya fluttering her eyelashes at a new hunk this time. Sanaya, who has done a few romantic roles, is set to give a nod to the offer any time this week.

Sanaya who has earlier done shows like Left Right Left Season 2 (Sab TV) and Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi (NDTV Imagine) came into the lime light with her show Miley Jab Hum Tum (Star One) opposite Mohit Sehgal. She was loved as Gunjan Bhushan Shergill in Miley Jab… where she played the shy love struck character. Post which she signed Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon opposite Barun Sobti. The rest as they say is history.

The romantic roles suit the actor, but we wonder if she will ever move on from the lovey-dovey mush now that she is established star. Are actors these days done with experimenting, ‘coz we’d love to see her do something different and new, no?

Anyway for now, the actor is back to her comfort zone making mindless love stories that somehow all end the same damn way.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • jeeyakayzee

    plzzz this is rumour dnt publish such stuff without consent of actor or actress.

  • Aurora

    Whoever has written this article REALLY needs to move out of his/her comfort zone and do just a tiny bit of research before writing.

    Sanaya’s first role on TV was that of a girl cadet in a military academy in the show Left Right Left. Her second was a grey character in Radha Ki Betiyaan. In both, she had no romantic interest.

    Her last two shows, both of which have been major hits, have been love stories. So out of four shows, TWO have been love stories, and TWO, non-romantic roles.

    Interesting how the writer claims that the production house is still scripting a new story, yet is ready to declare it will be a mindless love story, full of melodrama … really? Are you a mind reader or something, that you know what the show will be like, before it has even been written?

    The writer has not even attempted to hide their blatant bias … this is the state of yellow journalism in India today! No wonder such journalists command neither respect nor credibility.

  • kylaaa

    We wonder if she will ever do anything other than the lovey-dovey mush. Are actors these days done with experimenting, ‘coz we’d love to see her do something different like play a cop or something on those lines, no?
    wat does these lines means why r mocking actress very bad

  • raja

    Agreed ..haven’t watched her previous show bu watched some episode in youtube didn’t like the acting of both lead . i dare to say this she is the dukan of overacting . just a beautiful face and overrated actress… there are many talented but less popular actor out there. why don’t producer give a chance to them .wow…. her fan seems like crazy .. just read the comment and realize that they can’ttake critisism … bow down to such a fandom.

    • priya

      How can you see a single episode and tell that .
      I have watched 397 episodes and come to a conclusion. Khushi was initially not likable at all. Who wud jump to portray a crazy girl wearing gotas. Is she an idea of a mushy girl. NO!
      She did shine in her role as Khushi and one person cannot judge her for one episode. She acted as if no one can be Khushi. She owned the role.
      I saw many episodes of most of the serials. And Each actor is Replaceable. But Sanaya as Khushi and Barun as Arnav are not. And that is not possible to achieve for everyone

    • Saadia Shah

      I think it’s not us who need to take critisizm, its the writer who should be always prepared for it. Plus, this author is not just critisizing the actress but telling us something entirely wrong. Why do you think will we keep quiet?

  • tia

    the writer dont even has the basic information about sanaya’s role..
    before publishing an article a little research is expected..
    all the four roles of sanaya were extremely different from one another..
    1st one was a spoiled jealous girl,
    in LRL she played the role which had a military background..
    then she was wellknown as gunjan ,which Differed strikingly from the character khushi..

    wonder what’s the reporter’s definition of ‘experimentation’!!!!!!
    and about sanaya’s comfort zone!Sanaya has repeatedly maintained working in romantic scenes is beyond her comfort zone.
    it’s not expected from everybody to appreciate sanaya’s work,but an article with the correct information is much expected.

  • Sai

    I love you Sanaya. You are awesome. You are so sweet as like jalebi.

  • ss

    1st thing is sanaya will hopefully come back(not sure)

    its supposed to be a romantic drama(yet not sure)

    “if she will ever do anything other than the lovey-dovey mush”(her previous 2 shows LRl and radha ki beti say she has done roles apart from lovey-dovey mush too)

    “the actor is back to her comfort zone making mindless love stories that somehow all end the
    same damn way.”(how can be the writer is so sure of what’s sanaya’s comfort zone?
    all love stories are mindless with the same ending???..then that is absolutely the writer’s personal opinion)

  • Smiley

    Sanaya is the MOST good-looking, talented, young actress in the TV industry. People who think she “overacts” are stupid and jealous and have no idea what they are talking about. There is a reason both her shows have been hits. People like watching her on TV. She is convincing in any role and had a beautiful face to bright up the TV screens. I hope she comes back soon, with a new show and a hot hunk! :)

  • prachi

    First let me tell something for ur knowledge
    Sanaya potrayed a gray character in Radha ki betiyan.
    A cadet in left right left.
    A sweet girl in mjht which talks less n so serious in life n she was a student in mjht.
    Then khushi a girl full of crazyness n bubly girl who dont know english,so all her characters r different n this shows how versatile actress she is n she has always done different kind of roles and u people dont anything n posting stupid articles about her and plz dont give any fake news untill anything is confirmed n plz do watch all her shows before writing this crap.

    • Lion

      R U Out Of Mind Did U Ever Watched These Shows.Did U Watch IPKKND .She Can Do Any Kind Of Role.First Get Ur Facts Right.The Authour Seems To Be Fan Of Some Other Actress.In All Daily Soap There Is A Romantic Angle.She Is One Of The Most Versatile N Talented Actress In TV.U Told The Reporter Acting In Love Story Is Easy It Is The Most Tough Job .U Can Shout,Cry Easily.But Creating A Chemistry With A Male Actor U Don’t Know Closely N Making Fans Believe The Jodi Is So Real Is So Tough.

      • Lion

        Sorry I Wrongly Posted Here. Agree With Ur Post Completely .

    • melek

      thank you,,,agree with you

      it’s a crap,,,she don’t even know sanaya

  • ravinda

    U bwlife..first let me clear ur doubt..her shows are big success n IPK ended coz of you better shut ur mouth n never dare to say anything against sanaya.She is one of the bestest n versatile actress in tellywood.

  • Sasha

    Oh shut up! What the hell do you know about Sanaya Irani because judging from this article, you have very little knowledge of her! Have you seen the roles she has done? None of them have been similar and that’s why she is such a versatile actress! Gunjan and Khushi were poles apart. Gunjan was an introvert while Khushi was an extrovert. Cadet Sameera Shroff was a happy-go-lucky girl while Sanaya (in Radha ki betiyan) was the spoilt brat. So how the hell are the roles similar? She is the finest actress in TV right now and if you cant write a proper article, then DON’T! Losers -_-

    • meghaluvsarun

      Awesomeeeeeeee comment darls….All her characters as been described very well by U….They should think b4 stating dat all her characters were similar….
      It’s always easy 2 comment on actresses but difficult 2 understand wat all efforts are put on 2 act….
      Sanaya is very very versatile actress on t.v…the only female actress i luv 2 watch on t.v….!!!!

  • Manal

    Why the hell do these ppl write articles without having an iota of knowledge of the one they speak of? How ridiculous!

    Dear author,

    Kindly brush up on your facts before writing because you are clueless about Sanaya Irani. Your article proves that.

    Thank you

  • Sadaf

    Sanaya Irani is an incomparable actress on Indian telly right now. Not one actress on TV does as well as her. It is torture to watch the other actresses after you have watched Sanaya. Enough said.

    • Renu

      I agree sanaya irani all the way no other actress compares

  • Rhea Mathews

    Sanaya Irani is a versatile actress. Period.
    I think the comments here are enough proof to this fact.
    I dont think you have seen her work and if you had you wouldnt speak of her in such a lowly manner.
    IPKKND was NOT a mindless mush story as you have mentioned.
    It was everytthing but that although i agree the last couple months was annoying to watch.
    Sanaya is a gem of a person and a very prodessionsal and gifted actress.
    And if youre supposed to be a professional journalist you woudnt be using such rude diction.

  • Vittoria Giardano

    Hmmm… don’t know who wrote this article, but it’s quite obvious that the writer has not done research on his/her subject. As an International, non-Indian viewer of the show IPK, I can tell you with certainty that IPK was anything but a mushy love story! And Sanaya’s role in IPK required her to portray different personas which she carried out with precision enviable of a surgeon!
    Perhaps this writer should do a thorough review of his/her subject before writing an article that would be worthy of a publication. But such is the caliber of the Indian media, I suppose!

  • Nelo

    I am getting this dumb author sued

    Shame on these people …

  • Kristen

    I’m an American from Houston,Texas.
    I dont get a word of hindi- i dont speak it nor do i understand it.
    Somehow IPKKND happened to me while i was watching random videos on YouTube.
    My life has changed since.
    Sanaya Irani is a mindblowing artist and she is a pleasure to watch.
    As for the ‘mindless mush love story’ part let me inform you I havent come across a better love story in my life. Barun and Sanaya have essayed their roles to perfection and their romantic scenes are beautiful to watch.
    I suggest you go watch some arnav khushi love scenes and then come back and feel sorry for what you wrote.

  • renu

    willl u just shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……

    if u dont know about the actress then plzzzzz dont judge about her u ediot,……..

    sanaya is the most talented actor that i have seen in indian television and noooo stupid artcles like urs can ruin her popularity…so shut up and get lost……..

  • Aaliyah

    How about you do more research before you write such a rude article about an actress Sanaya did 4 shows so far and only 2 of them has been love story. IPK was anything but a mush love story, Same goes for MJHT. Gunjan & Khushi are completely different characters.

    How about you get real! Your a dumb author. Even if you fell that way keep it to yourself no need to make all these remarks and get insulted in the end!

    • melk

      agree with you

      really a dumb author

  • meena

    there’s a reason is pyaar ko kya naam doon is so popular.not just in india. but INTERNATIONALLY. and its not because its “lovey dovey mush”. even if it is, it is mush done right.

    and you have to consider the TV medium , esp in india, its not a place where unique shows that concentrate on other themes than saas-bahu and love pop up. so before you pick on the actor for not taking different roles, think about the medium.

    and as the comments below show, sanaya is making conscious effort to not repeat the same roles she has done. e.g gunjan and khushi.

  • imy

    can you plz SHUT UP,,,,do some research before writing,,,I can say from reading your stupid article that you never watched any of sanaya show,,,,so SHUT UP

  • prachi

    I doubt who made u writers and who have given u jobs ,u dont know ur work properly .
    Sanaya is d most versatile actress on tv so think before writing crap and oh sorry how u will think it need brain and u dont have that.
    plz never come in front of me i will slap u.
    sanaya is d best actress on tv.

    • lovesanaya

      thank you

      you said it all,,,they don’t know sanaya but they write this crap about our doll

      stop it,,,

  • simran

    i don’t think it is about comfort zone saas bahu shows actress has no voriety everytime same expression n without aunty no one likes that n sanaya is liked in romantic shows as in romantic shows u really need acting n ur eyes need to speak u must be best then only u can do romantoc shows as u can see all romantic shows will be hit it is not necessary unless n until the actors r not best in acting

  • Saadia Shah

    Dear author of this above written crap, before you write something, research should be done. This article defines how immature and non-professional you are. Sanaya has always experimented with her roles. There is a huge difference between every role she has done. She truly defines versatality. So just think before you write such offending posts. Very disappointing!

  • sanFan85

    I wish to curse the writer of this article with all the bad languages tht I can think of. Ur views in this article prove tht u r very unprofessional. Sanaya gave an exceptionally great and different performance in Iss pyaar ko Kya Naam doon. I think the writer must hv been sleeping or heavily drunk while writing this issue.

  • maanu sanaya fan

    U writer if u dont know abt something better not 2 talk abt it…we r her fans nd she alwayz do sumthing different we know dat so stop giving stupid cmnts on her…WELL SANAYA SOOOOOO HAPPY DAT U R COMING BACK BUT PLZZZ MR SAURABH TIWARI DO THIS SHOW ON STAR PLUS

  • abginay

    she can do any kind of role with equal ease!she is incredible actor!and writer is just an ideat sorry to say!she will rock definitely!INSHAH ALLAH!welcome back sanaya!we fans are eagerly waiting for you!and hope it will be on star plus!

  • Ballie

    Sanaya Irani is a brill actress but we just hope the show is similar to MJHT and IPKKND show, because both shows were brilliant. We still would love to see another MJHT season 3 and IPKKND season 2 but without Barun Sobti because you can’t trust him or his fans for ruining the show

  • Jazz

    Yeah Love to see another MJHT season 3 with Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani they are both talented actor and actress. Would love to see Mohit Sehgal play the role of Arnav Singh Raizada and we believe he would do well in IPKKND show season 2, only if starplus would give it a go, that would be brilliant. Would not want Barun Sobti back in any show because he not trustworthy and we now we just dislike him

  • man and van

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