Sanaya Irani beats Drashti Dhami to become the No 1 television heroine!

Sanaya Irani beats Drashti Dhami to become the No 1 television heroine!

The votes have been cast and the verdict is out

Sanaya Irani, who is currently doing Rangrasiya on Colors, has topped the charts as the No. 1 heroine in Tellyland. On Friday, we pit Drashti Dhami and Sanaya Irani against each other to know who was more popular, a better actor, more stylish and who had the best chemistry with their respective beaus.

Frankly, we had thought that Drashti was the ideal candidate and would win hands down, and the votes on Friday clearly indicated that. However, over the weekend, things changed and Sanaya topped the votes.

In the category of who is the better actor we received about 2659 votes. It was a close competition, Sanaya won with 1385 votes while Drashti got 1274.

Well we always knew Ms Irani was stylish, so weren’t surprised when she got about 1126 votes and Ms Dhami had only 860 votes in her kitty.

Sanaya and her boyfriend Mohit Sehgal look great together. Their show Miley Jab Hum Tum is a proof of that. From a total of 1686 votes, Drashti and Neeraj Khemka got only 422 votes, while Sanaya and Mohit received 1264 votes.

In the overall category of what makes a No 1 heroine, it’s obvious that Sanaya would win this one too hands down. We received about 2217 votes and Sanaya won by 103 votes when compared to Drashti.

With these, Sanaya beat Drashti in the race and emerged as a clear winner.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shilpa

    Congrats sanaya Irani. We love you.

  • Sreepriya Banerjee

    Rofl ! that is why we din vote u DUMBO website !
    DDians work & vote for classy sites & polls not dustbin sites & trash polls … awww cudn’t u figure that out !

  • unknown

    congrats. sanaya is best. we love both but winner is only one!

  • kinjal rohit

    WOW!! i know she deserve this only,,,
    love u sanaya, keep rocking!!!

  • Shruti

    We love u Sanaya!!! Congrats..U deserve

  • Anita

    SANAYA iRANI is the best but dont compare these good friends again and divide their fansas I like both of them

    • Flavian D’Souza

      I agree.

  • Isra

    Sanaya Iranitruly deserves it, No one can match her in talent, style . She is an all rounder

  • sukhe puaar

    sanaya is best

  • jayan

    always sanaya is best.not only DD with all others cannot be equal to SANAYA.she is unique.Always looking cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Neetu

    Sanny baby you deserve this jaan. You are the best and no one can ever beat you. Proud to be a Sanayaholic

  • lea

    Yay sanaya won

  • saba saifi

    i knew she will win cause none can match her charm
    Love you Sanaya Irani
    you are the best

  • kalaiselvi

    hamesha this stupid polls are support only there favourite actress . this is not fair. we are clearly know who is the true winner and true tallented actress. the one and only dd is the true winner not sanaya she always copy dd expression and dd acting . ipkknd also a copy cat show of geet .

  • miss

    there is no need to compare,,coz solely sanaya has the right to be number 1,,she deserves to be …

    acting,,,life style,,personal life everything sanaya is best than all

    love her to core

    sanaya love u baby,,,,u r the best

  • DD

    although i love sanaya really but acting wise ill nvr say this DRASHTI is onr gr8 actress who can do any role gr8 ……….. any emotions any feelings can be just depicted frm her

    her geet is the reason im watching serials as bfore tht i had the feeling hindi serials r bore…….. so she is the reason i intoduced 2 a lovely telly world so she will n always will be my first choice………
    but truly love sanaya tooo
    and pls dont compare them n split their fans as u ppl did with SRK and SALMAN
    they r very down 2 earth so pls dont creaye ego between them :(

  • liz

    drashti n neeraj is nt evn 2gther,,,,,,,,,, how can u compare them with a cute n famous couple like sanny n mohi of course they wont win votes its obvious
    although love sanny love DD more
    and pls dont compare they bot r gr8 as frnds and actors n we also love them 2gther

  • preetgill88

    I don’t give a damn about a poll on this unclassy website and one that allows multiple voting through fake IDS!

    No matter what, DRASHTI DHAMI will always remain NUMBER ONE & the QUEEN OF INDIAN TELEVISION to me! She’s the BEST and a BRILLIANT actress! <3

    Keep on rocking and keep on soaring to new heights Drashti! Love you! <3

  • komal

    rofl what stupid poll result we dd fans didn’t vote such faltoo polls

  • Ishita

    LOL it was stupid to even compare Sanaya Irani to whoever this is! :P Kahan ka comparison?! Sanaya has talent, she’s miles ahead of this other woman ;) Love you Sanaya Irani, hamesha <3 Real talent is always the winner <3

  • Flavian D’Souza


  • anonymous

    i hate comparison between sanny and DD. come on yaar both are really gud n my fav. n besides dat both r really gud frnds too y compare besties wid each other. thts nt fair

  • dd fan

    What the hell I dint believe this no way full of rabbesh dd is very talanted and she is very successful actress no1 actress my lovely dd is the best

  • hesly con

    love u angel and come back soon

  • suranga

    khushi kumari gupta rocks…
    missed you…