Sangram Singh goes nude

Payal Rohatgi’s boyfriend does a full monty for a cause

Sangram Singh is slowly but surely figuring out how the media industry works. Even as his exploits in the ring are beginning to fade from public memory, he made a splash in the glamour arena. The wrestler has done a sexy photoshoot for the animal welfare organisation PETA to protest killing animals for food. In the picture, a completely naked Sangram sits cross legged with only a leaf covering his… er… modesty. He holds a half-eaten apple in one hand to complete the reference to the Biblical Adam. We must add here that Payal Rohatgi’s boyfriend sure looks fitter than Ashmit Patel. The… umm… actor – for lack of a better word – did a full monty a few months back for a men’s magazine. Yes, Ashmit’s photo was shot classily in black and white, while Sangram’s is more in-your-face. But it oh-so-clearly proves that the wrestler is in much better shape than Ashmit. Nothing like a few good ol’ bouts to keep you fit, huh?

Of course Sangram claims the secret of his fitness is not just workouts. The Survivor India contestant told a national daily that his strict vegetarian diet is the reason he is fitter and healthier than other men of his age who are on a non-vegetarian diet. This is not the first time he’s taken off his clothes. A few months back, he steamed it up with Payal for their movie Valentine’s Night, but this is the first time he is doing it for a cause. Sangram insisted that this is an attempt to save lives of more animals by showing everyone that they can have a great bod by adopting vegetarianism. PETA is very happy that he is using his physique to spread the cause and we are sure that whether or not Sangram is able to convince the common man, there are many producers out there who are mulling over casting him in another reality show. That’s good enough, isn’t it?