Sangram Singh turned down Rs 2.5 crore to promote RC Cola in India!

The wrestler-turned-actor, turned down Rs 2.5 crore ad; implores all celebrities to not promote unhealthy foods and drinks

RC Cola, the century-old American beverage has just lost an Indian ambassador. Known to be an iconic cola in the USA, it failed to impress Indian wrestler Sangram Singh enough to agree to endorse it in India.

It is learnt that the company was willing to offer Sangram Rs 2.5 crore to be the Indian face of the cola. But he declined the offer. “I don’t touch alcohol, cigarettes and colas. I’ve never tasted them. Why should I endorse something that I’ve never tried personally? Yes, I said no to RC Cola’s offer although the money was very good,” admits Sangram.

He feels celebrities, especially sports persons, need to be very careful about the products which they endorse. “Whole generations look up to us. We have to set the right example. Otherwise, what kind of a society are we going to build for future generations?”

Sangram feels pained when he sees actors and sportspersons selling colas . “They are known to be harmful to health. It is wrong to sell harmful goods. We, from the entertainment and sports world, have voices that people listen to. We must use it to promote the right values and that includes that things that we eat, drink, wear and use.”