Sanjay Dutt fights back; will file review petition in Supreme Court

The superstar will file a petition saying his confessions under TADA cannot be used against him because he was acquitted under TADA and now been tried under the Arms Act

Sanjay Dutt is indeed a troubled man as he stares at a fate that has marked him for three years in prison. Yet, troubled times don’t last for too long, and if you thought that the actor had given up (after seeing him weep like a baby in front of the media), you might be mistaken.

Sanjay will be filing a petition in the Supreme Court in a day or two requesting a review of the sentence handed out to him. And Dutt has played it smart too. He was earlier charged under TADA and then acquitted and charged under a much lenient Arms Act. Dutt will now be filing a plea for the Supreme Court to reconsider its judgment as the confessions obtained under TADA won’t hold considering he has been acquitted under the draconian TADA act.

So, if Sanjay’s lawyers have a strong enough case this time around, we could well see his fortunes change. But if the courts decide to dismiss his plea, then he can file a curative petition in the court asking for a review of the case. Well, seems like Dutt does have a chance at freedom as he starts shooting for his home production starring Zayed Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. We wish him luck, and hope he sees the silver lining soon enough!