Sanjay Dutt sentencing: Is it Salman Khan’s turn next?

Sanjay Dutt sentencing: Is it Salman Khan’s turn next?

Cineswami wonders why Indians, including Superstar Rajinikanth, are sympathising with Sanjay Dutt over his imprisonment in the 1993 bomb blasts case. And is Salman Khan going to jail, too?

There is an extraordinary outpouring of love and support for Sanjay Dutt after his recent sentencing. It is only understandable that Bollywood rallies together for one of her own, and even more so, given that there is around Rs 250 crore riding on his unfinished projects. What is not so understandable is that we, the great Indian public, are also clamouring for the fallen star’s release and pardon with the main exonerating factors being Dutt was young and stupid; he was misled; 20 years have passed; he’s already spent time in jail and so on. The same Indian public are vehement when they desire harsh sentences for common criminals or corrupt politicians.

The real question is, why should there be one law for Bollywood stars and another for the rest of us? It is not for the public or the media to decide a person’s guilt or exoneration. However creaky, there is a system of law and a judiciary at work here. The due process of law has taken 20 long years to arrive at a verdict and once it has, we must abide by it. And let’s face it, if you, the average Aisha or Ashok, everyman or woman, not a Bollywood star but the star of your own lives, without a member of parliament for your father or sister, were found in possession of assault rifles and hand grenades, the cell doors would have been slammed shut faster than you can say Sanjay Dutt.

Meanwhile, the darling of the masses, Salman Khan, is also due to face trial on manslaughter charges for an incident that occurred more than 10 years ago in which one man died and four others were grievously injured. If Salman is tried and found guilty, he’ll no doubt appeal and like Dutt the case will drag on for another decade. Check back here in 2023, folks.

Dutt has four weeks to surrender and is also eligible to appeal. Unlike before, he has divinity on his side now. “I was very disturbed when I heard my friend and a lovely person Sanjay Dutt’s verdict. The current support and appeal for his pardon is giving me hope. I pray to god that he gets remedy and spends at least the rest of his life peacefully,” says Supesrtar Rajinikanth.

Amidst all this brouhaha, the likes of Puru Raajkumar and Shiney Ahuja must be having a quiet laugh over a blackbuck dinner cooked by masterchefs Saif Ali Khan and Salman.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sarifa

    It saddens me the amount of hatred that is displayed over the fact that Sanjay Dutt already spent 18mths and now 20 yrs later the courts want to sentence him again, also accidents happen and I am sure that Salman Khan drunk or sober never set out to have an accident. Yet we find that in the courts and parliament of india we support rapist, we support the abuse of women and children is it because we have no grasp that the God above is a loving and personal God, is it because we worship idols that we can learn no matter what someone does we should learn to forgive and support even if someone has to pay a penalty for a crime committed where there is life there is hope. To hate someone is a sin, to forgive is divine for we never know when one day we might need it. Sad to say the Indian Media is responsible for many of the courts decision because of prejudicial reporting which effect the outcome of cases. Such as O J Simpson case in US he was release because of prejudicial reporting. I think it terribly unfair of the court system to sentence Dutt again after 20yrs I can understand community service which is more commendable and I object very strongly to the comments by the above writer for his deliberate sarcasm and his direct attempt to prejudice readers.

    • Anita

      You are absolutely correct. To forgive is divine. Both these actors have paid a price for their mistakes. Salman has a charity foundation that is doing much needed deeds for the poor and sick in India. I don’t see any other famous face doing the same.Neither one of these guys have repeated their mistakes in the last 10 years.Rehab is very important instead of jail.The Indian jails are crowded as it is.The media once again raises it’s ugly head.Jealousy I presume?????

      • Sarifa

        Anita u r so right in your comments but those people who can’t forgive people past are in a very sad situation because one day God will pull their skeleton out of their closets everyone has sinned and failed but it is human nature to try to escape by painting others black – I cannot for the life of me see why the courts put animals and rapists etc above the law and yet those who have failed and turned their lives around get harsh judgement I believe the courts r trying to hide behind something by putting men who has turned around to cover up rapists, and politician on rape charges. God has already judged both these men and He saw fit to give them a chance if man does not I am sure they will answer to God’s wrath, the children helped by the Being Human Foundation will not suffer God will see to that and will take care He says suffer the little children to come unto him and when you do good to them you do it as unto Him. Until India learns to judge righteously in all situation the country will continue to suffer as most of their problems are spiritual problems. Women and children are precious in God’s sight but Indian Courts allow them to be abused in despicables manner. I pray for India and my prayers right now is that God will strengthen both Sanjay and Salman as they face this trial in their lives.

        • motta

          You should not be blinded by celebritism!!!!!
          Have symathy for people who have lost their loved once.One should pay for their crime and victim should get some justice. The law of the land is not only for poor down trodden. Stop putting your celerbrites next to god , for God sake.

    • guest

      Once someone either a star or a common man is found in a situation like Sanjay Dutt or Salman Khan, he/she will face due punishment. It won’t drag on for 10 or 20 years if Salman and Sanjay just accepted the punishment then and there. Going to jail,rehab and community service is part and parcel of the punishment. If Sanjay has to face 5 or 6 years, he could have been done serving the sentence once and for all. Why did he and his friends drag the case and due to connections, get bail and not finish the sentence. If Salman has to face 10 years(as reported) or whatever punishment the judge had given based on the case, he could have finished serving his sentence by last year. These two men are not sentenced for life, there is required amount of years for the punishment and they have to endure that. If both of them don’t dread the number of years spent in prison and accepted it, their case and that chapter of their life would have been closed by now and erased. Pleading because both these men just happened to be at the wrong time and wrong place, doesn’t mean their supporters have to use the forgiveness and innocence card. They are mature men who are capable of knowing what’s wrong and right. If they want to show off their innocence, they should have made that decision long time ago. Sanjay Dutt should have declined to keep ammunitions from gangsters that were instrumental in 93 blasts, informed the police of any illegal activities regardless of whether he knows nor didn’t know the events to unfold. Also, Salman shouldn’t have let the driver of his car or anyone who is drunk to be in the car in the first place. Doesn’t matter if the people sleeping outside the bakery were irresponsible. If he or his driver was drunk, let someone else who is sober drive or call for a taxi. Given that both men never repeated their mistakes and that is commendable, at the same time, they have declined to accept their wrongdoings by not accepting the punishment. Common man would have gone through with the punishment. Just because these two are stars, they think they would rather be on good behavior and just push the punishment and the case under the carpet.

      • motta

        I agree 100% with your sentiments . Law is a law and should be applied to everyone the same way.

  • shania

    yes now salmans turn hahahaha

    bye bye sallu!

  • srk

    why hunting being so bad mistake???stupid law…

  • M.H Ratan

    Sanjju Baba already punished by himself mentaly for 30 yrs!so it is time to show some mercy to him by the nation. think it,the law of india????????

  • Maiyz

    Seriously?!! All of u sound soooo lame. Wudn it be wonderful if somone close to u had died nd dey let him go just like dat ? Ud still go on abt how unfair d judicial system is…I feel most of us get carried away by movie heroes nd think dat dey are real life heroes too… Nobody s above the law… Really happy abt d verdict…

  • Jeeshan ali

    Sunjay dutt and salman khan ji ki jitnee bhi film hain main saree movie dekhta hoon i like salman and sanjay dutt. Mera sapna hai in dono best herose se milne ka jaane kab poora hoga.

  • bharat singh

    he he he tune mere jaana habhi nahi jaana. . . . .

  • Pinky

    How can we say on these stars behalf well I feel sorry for Sanjay dutt but to kill some one oh my my . We r not the one to forgive or pardon only the victim families are the one to decide and judiciary system . How selfish only thinking of stars but who lost their loved ones no one has no pain for their lOSS .

  • motta

    No one is above the law. No mattter who you are.

  • Mine

    Well the System is not right 20 years slow court procedure for Sanju and 20 days cort procedure for a Commona Man, And A Crimainal who has killed 1 and Injured 4 is roaming outside by doing Fake Publicities. can a common man have that chance, Sanju is going Now Next Lallu Monkey have to be dragged into jail, Nobody is above Law. lallu Monkey Must Go to Jail Not after 20 years He has to be put behind bars as Fast as possible, We want to see him behind bars Soon.

  • Jatinder

    Why not….after all he (S**** Miya) will also follow him there….birds of same feather flock together….justice, I hope will be delivered soon to the hit and run victims…

  • Sanjay dutt and salmankhai

    Meri bus ek hi dua hai ki sanjay sar and salman sar ki zaindagi me ab koi preshani na aaye …(I Atifshaikh…my address ..azamgarh…my father name Ahsansiddiqui…)