Sanjay Dutt wants his fee in dollars!

Sanju baba endears himself to one and all with his humble demeanor in real life and his mighty screen presence in the reel one

He can play the demonic Kancha of Agneepath and the affable quack Munna of Munnabhai MBBS with equal élan. But such are the ways of life that when Baba expresses his mighty ambitions through a song and when we translate his noble intentions into English, they get rather lost in translation…


Nanawati hospital aarela hoon
Leelawati hospital jalera hoon
JJ hospital aarela hoon, mere baap.
Arey kidhar? Kidhar?
Arey Breach Candy
Hold man, hold
I am busy, haan

Nanawati hospital, I’m coming
Leelawati hospital, I’m going
JJ hospital, I’m coming, my father
Hey where? Where?
Oye Breach Candy
Hold man, hold
I’m very busy

M bole to bole to bole to bole to
M bole to master main master

M say it, say it
M say it master me master

B bole to bole to bole to bole to
B bole to bindaas doctor

B say it, say it say it say it
B say it a free-flying doctor

B bole to bole to bole to
B bole to be-misaal actor

B say it, say it say it
B say it inconceivable actor

S bole to bole to bole to bole to
S bole to
S bole to shana character

S say it, say it, say it say it
S say it street-smart character

Main tede ko seedha chala doon
Seedhe to teda bana doon
Roothe ko jhat se hansa doon
Hanste ko phat se rula doon
Hey…style, mera smile
Style mera smile
Na kar de dil tera crack crack crack

Whats ur name? (English)
Aiya, tujha nau kai re? (Marathi)
My name?
Maiti nau kai?
Munna bhai MBBS – 3
Munna bhai are MBBS

I will make the crooked one walk straight
Straight one I will bend
The sulking one I will make laugh
And the laughing one I will make weep
Won’t make your heart crack crack crack…

What’s your name?
Oye, what is your name
My name?
Don’t you know?
Munna Bhai MBBS

Hongi dollar main apni kamaiyaan
Rang layengi mahengi dawaiyaan
Kudh bhi naachunga sabko nachaunga
Main mareezon ko disco karaunga
Naye raag main kisi baag main
Nache jhoome gayega hum
Kisi bar se nayi car se
Beer pee kar aayega hum
Hey.. kudiya phuljhadiyaan
Kudiya phuljhadiyaan
Dil apna par kam too check check check

We will earn in dollars
Colour will bring costly medicines
I myself will dance, make everyone dance
I will make patients do disco dance
In the new raga and in some garden
Dance, swing and sing we will
From some bar in a new car
I will come after drinking beer
Hey..babes and chicks
Heart ours come to check check check

Dasso na tuhada naan to dasso?
Amar naam?
Sadda naam?
Munna bhai MBBS – 2

What’s your name?
My name
My name..
Munnabhai MBBS

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