Sanjay Dutt would reject all his heroines

Director David Dhawan spilled the beans about Sanju baba’s past at the music launch of Rascals

David Dhawan and Sanjay Dutt have come a long way working together and are known for their age-old ‘dosti’. The duo have reunited with Rascals and recently at the music launch, when David was asked to share with us some of Sanju’s secrets, without thinking twice the director blurted out some unpleasant facts about the actor. Apparently when Sanju baba was a big star at one point of time, he used to take the liberty to change his heroines every now and then. David reminisced about one incident when Sanjay made him change almost every heroine he would finalise and finally, when the shoot was about to begin, it was the fourth actress who wended her way on to the sets. “Thank God Sanju doesn’t do that any more,” David heaved a sigh of relief. On asking what Sanju’s basis of rejection was, David avoided the question with his usual toothy grin.  Well, Sanju, we doubt if you can wield your ruthless magic wand any more and still be able to hire actresses who are a part of your wish list. All we hope is that the tables don’t turn and someone plans to give you a dose of your own medicine!