Sanjay Dutt’s fans worldwide sign petition to ‘Free Munnabhai’

Sanjay Dutt’s fans worldwide sign petition to ‘Free Munnabhai’

A petition started by a fan of Sanjay Dutt has already accumulated more than 1500 signatures

Sanjay Dutt is sentenced to five years of imprisonment as ordered by the Supreme Court. The actor has already served about 18 months in prison for the said crime and is now filing a review petition to challenge the verdict. If this petition is dismissed, Sanju baba will have to serve another three and a half years in jail.

This new has not gone down well with the fans, who believe that the actor is being chastise to make a point. Fans claim that the idea of jail time is to reform a person, not just to punish. And since Sanjay Dutt has already served time in prison and is a much better human being today why is the actor being put through this.

Apparently, one of his fans has started a petition ‘Free Munnabhai’ in support of the actor. Over 1500 people have already signed the petition. The petition reads: It’s a sad day in the history of justice. After suffering for 20 years, Sanjay Dutt is now convicted for five more years. Is the legal system supposed to reform people or make them more hardened? Give him his 20 years back and take away 5. He has abided by the law and done tremendous social work. Is he a threat to the society? No. Then why are we making a good man suffer. Save our Munnabhai by joining our petition at

Several petitioners expressed their support for Sanjay Dutt online:

G C – Kolkata, India

Law is blind. But like the blind, law is endowed with an inner eye as well. Let us have complete faith and confidence in our legal system. Sanjay has not only suffered, but has also matured into a human being of great worth. We need him here, outside among his fellow countrymen and women, M’Lord…not in the dark prison any more.

Jitendra Panikker –United Arabs Emirates

The man has already paid his debt to the society, This verdict is ludicrous and uncalled for.

Ramesh Yadav – India

Sanjay Sir is nothing short of an inspiration to every human being on this planet. He has always been a fighter, a friend to millions and a generous person. For him to go through all this turmoil over and over again is unfair. He is a patriot and a true Indian and until my dying breath, I will always support Sanjay Sir. I urge the courts to please review the case once again and free this man from something that he knowingly did not do nor was he involved in.

Nishant Badyal – Jammu, India

He is a changed man now, look at the number of charities he is sponsoring. For a mistake made 20 years ago, penalising a family man now is atrocious. I request the honorable supreme court to pardon him.

Rehab Uddin – Kuwait City, Kuwait

Sanjay Dutt has contributed towards nations in the form of charity, tax and supported many poor people. He deserves to be free since he has completed his suffering all these years in fear…

Amarjot Sangha – London, United Kingdom

As I have grown up watching Sanjay Dutt’s awesome movies, I am also aware of how giving and charitable he is. He is a blessed man, who is being protected by God’s merciful hand despite of the ordeal that he has suffered till date. His naive and vulnerable nature brought about this situation. His life has finally improved and I strongly believe that he deserves to continue making a living to provide for his family, as his children are also very small. He needs to continue shining like a star, true inspiration to the younger generation. I believe it is ridiculous that innocent people have to suffer whilst the real culprits are still lurking around continuing their evil deeds. The government ought to punish the real perpetrators that raped that girl in Dehli back in December last year. WE LOVE YOU SANJUUUU.. LET HIM BE

Abhish Philip – Overland Park, KS

Punishing a person who has proved himself of being good social person for the past 15 years is like not giving people encouragement to be good in society.

Guneet Deol – India

This petition is important because this verdict has unfortunately affected a reformed man ,who has not only suffered an ordeal for 20 years, but also served a sentence for it. Dutt is not only a reformed man, but also an exemplary citizen known for his charity and his goodness. It is sad that the blast case has been made about Sanjay Dutt even though he was acquitted by the courts for the same. The weight of his goodness outweighs his minor mistake, which was an emotional impulsive decision to protect his family.

Akshay Patel – Middletown, New York

Sanjay Dutt is already a changed person! Why punish someone who has already changed! Punish those government officials who are doing millions dollar swindles and still roaming free!

Bharat Singh – India

Sanju baba is a very soft hearted and generous man who did a mistake in his life and has suffered enough for that mistake. He is not accused in the Bombay blast case. He is guilty of keeping arms without license. The Supreme Court of India should also consider his behavior from past 20 years. I urge the courts to review the case once again and free this man from something that he did unknowingly.

Rinku Bhatia – India

Sanjay Dutt being such a good citizen and human being is my idol. I look upto him for his goodness. I am encouraged to do good work for the society looking at Mr. Dutt and his family. My humble request to the Supreme Courts is to please pardon him.

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    hell…if u wanna sent sanjay to jail den sent our ministers also..who r murderers?sent modi who do dangs..losers…sanjay iz a gud person…

    • krishna subba

      he is one of the leading actor who promotes the India and Indian cultures to the world. Actually he is serving for the nation and for the public.By the way he is my best actor too. i don’t meant that best actor should be relieve from any activity but he is a dissent, hard worker, sincere and loyal to the public. The supreme court decision is injustice and unfair to him.

  • kiran

    To hell with them who thinks , sanjay dutt should be pardoned.
    i have been big sanjay dutt fan, but the truth is, he has(indirectly) taken 257 peoples life. whose families are suffering from last 20 years. first of all..justice jas been delayed… sanjay Dutt must go behind the bar !!!

    • afsar

      To keep gun its not crime rss keep trishool is it not crime. effence during the age he was is acceptable for me .. people made lots of mistake at the age he was

  • Shraddha

    Sanjay should be pardoned. I would like to sign the petition. He has suffered enough and should not be used to make an example. My prayers are with him and his family.

  • Mhonchan Ezung

    I honestly believe that Sanjay dutt has had enough punishment for the past 20 yrs because of his silly mistake which he has committed in his youth life, but still then he did inorder to protect his family, so the government of India should think about his sentence since he is a dad to recently born babies, the government should not again destroy his family because of selfish political reason, after all the people of India has forgiven him, why then the government of India still refusing? The corrupted politicians should remember that the people of the country make the government so they should also abide by the people’s will as a true democratic country.

  • afsar khan

    I am requesting respectable presedent of india to forgive him please ……!!!!!!!!!!!