Sanjay Leela Bhansali croons on ‘X Factor India’

Sanjay Leela Bhansali croons on ‘X Factor India’

The filmmaker sings his favourite love ballad

’Tis the time for love on X Factor India as the contestants perform songs of love and longing from the yesteryears. Their moving performances compel judges Shreya Ghoshal and even Sanjay Leela Bhansali to sing their favourite numbers. Of course, it takes more than just wearing your heart on your sleeve to impress the judges at this level of competition. And only one lucky winner will be awarded the Best Performer of the Week award.

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  • Mohd Ziaul haq

    Hi , I like bolly wood films very much

  • Dr vinod soni

    My question to Mr sanjay leela bhansali,what do you think,perfection don’t exit beyond the limits of your reach or vision,if it exist,why the things are like iron curtain around you.we have oceans & whole universe loaded with perfection,make your vesel more bigger and get more,there is no can not imagine in your dream of dreams about the ideas in the shape of drops which are loaded with power to enter a sea,loose their id as drops and be a sea.Such loaded drops & infinite space every day create new specifications for perfection in front of you.So we will have to walk,walk,walk,walk & walk in a meditative silence and dissolve our I or ME to reach new dimensions comparable to infinity.I am a saint, scientist & a explorer of the depth of acting and mostly stays in America or in the mountains of India(have citizenship of both the countries).If you really want to give more joy to the human beings with untouched trends then you can try by writing me.