Sanju mamu was love guru for nephew Nilesh

Angel actor Nilesh Sahay reveals that his uncle Sanjay Dutt helped him with girlfriend issues

Nilesh Sahay, who was seen in Ganesh Acharya’s Angel, confesses that he is scared of his mamu, Sanjay Dutt. But he is also the man the youngster turns to in times of trouble. He remembers, “Long back I was dating this girl in Bandra, but my mom would not let me go visit her. I live in South Mumbai so she did not like me going to Bandra every day. So I asked Mamu to help me. He made up a reason and I was allowed to go to Bandra. But after ten days my mom realised what we were up to and we had to hear no end of it!.” Nilesh says this is not the first time that his uncle has helped him out. “But at the same time he is the one person I am scared of. I can get away with things with my parents, but not with him.” It is no surprise the actor turns to his uncle for love advice. After all, Dutt has had a colourful past with women and sure does have a way with the ladies, even now!