Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: Gunjan or Rachna – Who will win the Fresher of the Year title?

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: Gunjan or Rachna – Who will win the Fresher of the Year title?

We have witnessed some major drama in the daily soap in the last few episodes. This time, it’s the siblings who are in a face-off

The sisters – Gunjan and Rachna – are gearing up for a competition in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. Their college is organising a contest for the best fresher of the year. Obviously, both Gunjan and Rachna are strong contenders for the award, but who will make it to the end and finally win the title?

The preliminary rounds are on and Gunjan and Rachna both make it to the next round. The interesting part is that both the girls are striving hard to win, but for very different reasons. Gunjan wants to move on in life and forget her ex-boyfriend Mayank, and she is trying hard to divert her attention through this competition. Rachna, on the other hand, is determined to win the trophy to prove her self-worth. After enduring constant ridicule at the hands of her ex-fiancé, she wants to change her image.

While the sisters are busy with their contest, Charu (Mayank’s wife) is determined to create a rift between the two. Knowing her mean streak, we are sure she will stop at nothing. Charu’s unnecessary meddling will affect both Gunjan and Rachna’s prospects in the contest. Now we know that both the sisters will be in the finals, but who will win the trophy. Will it be Gunjan, because she is stronger, or Rachna, who is striving day and night to win the title. What do you think readers?

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  • Priti

    At first I wished rachna to win but now I really pity her, she is just out of her mind by joining hands with vivaan, the same and only and only reason behind her sorrow and the main reason she want to be the fresher of the year, don’t want rachna to win

    • gst

      we want to win gunjan only not Rachana.

  • ******

    Rachna, For ones some credit should give to rachna and not gunjan.

  • np

    Gunjan will let Rachna win at the end!
    She is more matured character and she will make Rachna realize her mistake same way she did with Mayank.

    • sarah

      come on people for one believe in rachna,, she is gonna win and Gunjan forget her!! i want rachna to build her self esteem by winning this race! i believe in rachna ……..

    • Priti

      U absolutely right, it should be the way u said, I also think the same way

  • sarah

    <3 i want rachna to win….come on rachna you can do it ,, i believe in you! :*

  • Ana

    Rachna….cme on..u will win

  • Roop

    Always good one wins the show/game.

    Gunjan’s brave, outspoken, smart, sweet and truly beautiful – which man wouldn’t want such a girl in his life?
    Being good is not not her fault. she should not be paid for that.

    I wish her good luck. Hope she wins FOTY trophy.
    adore her and her character in SSLK.

  • Swapna

    I like this.gunjan u r rock.

  • Swapna

    I like this.gunjan u r rock.realy rachna u can do it.

  • Aditi

    I luv u gunjan.

  • namrata

    i want rachna 2 win.c is far better dan gunjan.i cant understand 1 think dat is dere only gunjan who is the main lead role in the serial. rachna is also dere nd i think c should also get equal importance.nd dis time c should prove dat c tis d best.and if rachna becomes a bit fashionable and stands in front of gunjan den dere is no doubt dat c will luk better dan gunjan

    • arunima

      rachna is hundred times more good looking than gunjan, gunjan looks like a horse, such a huge face on so small shoulders, she is horrible looking, how did she get a chance to do tv serial, she is the type of face we will not call beautiful, look at her nose it covers her entire face, nosy girl

  • suhana khanna

    hurrrayyyy….atlist in this page rachna got more votes than gunjan….i wish she win with more points in serial toooooo

  • suhana khanna

    every1 was telling dat rachna shud trust gunjan….nw she had cleared all d differences vt gunjan

  • suhana khanna

    why every1 is lyk….gunjan will let rachna win……either rachna shud win of her own or better loose…………. than letting won by gunjan

  • namrata

    i want rachna to win this time

  • nisha

    yar is baar rachna kohi jitni chahiye .c is not lesss than gunjan so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sslk let rachna win the trophy of fresher of d year………………….

  • samreen

    i like rachna and gunjan

  • shilu




  • navneet chauhan

    sapne suhane ladakpan ke a rachna in best populer sister