Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: Will Gunjan join politics?

She recently held a rally protesting about the atrocities against women and inspired people around her

Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) has always been known to raise her voice against injustice. Being a 21st century woman, Gunjan believes that every woman should be able to protect herself.

Obviously her mother-in-law was not very happy about Gunjan running rallies and protesting about women’s safety in the city, but that did not deter the young girl from doing it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Gunjan comes in the eyes of a politician who wants to use Gunjan’s popularity for her own gains. She visits the Garg house and requests Gunjan to join her party and help her secure the future of women in the country. While the idea is tempting, Gunjan refuses saying that she is not interested in politics.

Not used to a ‘NO’, the politician tries to convince Gunjan and her family but the young lady had already made up her mind. Apparently, in the upcoming episodes, it is seen that the politician when fails to convince Gunjan verbally, tries to use force. She sends goons to scare her in to submission.

Will Gunjan get scared and join the politician’s party or will the young daring gal take up politics without getting into muck of the whole thing? Keep watching this space to find out more!