Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: Will Rajeev confess his feelings for Gunjan before she gets married?

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: Will Rajeev confess his feelings for Gunjan before she gets married?

Gunjan’s engagement preparations are in full swing and the entire family is happy for her, but this alliance is going to break Rajeev’s heart

The engagement ceremony is just a day away, the wedding date has been decided and cards distributed for Gunjan and Aditya’s alliance in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. While we are aware that Mayank is extremely unhappy with the new development, there is another person too who will be in for a rude shock when he learns that Gunjan is about to be married and the groom is not him.

Gunjan’s would-be Aditya seems like a nice guy, but he has begun to smell something fishy between Mayank and Gunjan. Wonder what the scene will be if and when he learns about Rajeev’s feeling for his fiancée. Would he dig deep into it or let go of it as her past is none of his business – that’s something we will have to wait to find out. In the meantime, Rajeev sir has just accepted that he is in love with Gunjan and must tell her without wasting too much time – little does he know that he is already very late.

The poor bloke is going to be extremely heartbroken when he figures out that Gunjan has already entered into another relationship. But will he vanish from the scene without telling her about his love? Frankly, we’d like the brawny dude to confess his feelings and ask her to marry him. There was enough confusion with two guys vying for her attention; with Adi’s entry things are just getting too complicated. What do you think BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Roop

    Yes he should confess his love. I dont like that ADI. Furthermore already the mayank/ Gunjan relation is messed-up. So Now anyone that could be match for gunjan is Rajeev.

    Rajeev you go Dude…

  • Pradee

    YEs we are looking forward to see him and Gunjan together . And Want Rajeev to take a step forward.Gunjan has to move on from Mayank for her own good.First love is not the last/best love

  • H_H

    Thank you very much .. Hope Rajeev will be Gunjans life time partner .Hope she is lucky enough.But Gunjan is still rubbing her past which is totally against her original character .She should move on from Mayank for goda sake

  • Love

    Rajeev will be Gunjans life are both Great Romance

  • pesi

    gunjan should move on from mayank …rajeev should confess his love ..i dont want him to vainsh

    • anna

      thank u

  • fathi

    I want Mayank and Gunjan to reunite again

  • Prathima

    No Gunjan should go back to Mayank.
    Rajeev rejected rachna stating that she was his student?
    How can he propose to Gunjan?
    Is he not lying & cheating then?
    He was the most respected character in sslk. He lost it all

    • Rita

      You are right

  • Yasmeen

    I want Gunjan’s life partner to be Rajeev.He is just so good and ofcourse he will keep her happy….I dont want aditya for her he should go back to australia and go on with his bus

    iness and above all the so called

    Mayank left her for charu so yeah Rajeev sir is just the best…..Mwahhhxx to RAJEEV

  • zoyakhan

    I firstly mayank sattle with charu perfect couple
    I want gunjan’s life partner to be Rajeev
    Rajeev should her to gunjan say Tessa I hope she yeah

  • Gunjan


  • Sangavi

    Gunjan and mayank r best couples plz join them together

  • GG

    Rajiv will be the best life partner for Gunjan. Mayank does not deserves Gunjan love he blames her for everything. He chose Charu over Gunjan and was ready to marry her it was his choice so he should learn to live with it. I want CV’s to show that first love does not necessarily mean the only or last love. Please show Gunjan moving on from Mayank he will never trust her if the 2 end up together plus he will attempt suicide every time the 2 have problems. That will be a wrong message to viewers. Gunjan needs to marry Rajiv in order to be happy i’m sure she will be happy is she marries him. Mayank is a looser.

  • khushi

    I think beat jobi Rajeev and Gunjan get married

    • khushi

      I’meant that the best ever Gunjeev they jobi were awesome plz can u get married with rajeev

  • khushi

    I’meant they have the best jobi Gunjeev

  • jenny kara

    I don’t know why they brought this Aditya guy I mean he doesn’t fit at all in this drama its so useless character Gunjan should be with Mayank because they still love each other.Which human being don’t make mistakes but after doing a mistake and appologises and still wants to be with each other that’s a strong bond of love. GUNJAN AND MAYANK THATS WHAT WE SAW FROM BEGINNING AND WANT TO SEE THEM TOGETHER TILL THE END………….RAJEEV SIR SORRY TOO LATE ……

  • christina

    Hi all.
    we want rajeev n gunjan to get married.rajeev is much better than mayank n aditya.
    gunjans marrige wth aditya is nt lukng gud.
    rajeev is gud for gunjan.

  • irfan

    rajeev n gunjan shld get marrid,he wil alwz make gunjan al say LOVE is blind thoug he iz teacher he shld love her n shld tel her b4 marrige or vihaan has to do sumthng for rajeev to brng gunjan to his life.
    plz adity go back to australia leave gungan for rajeev
    GUNJAN AND RAJEEV what a nice coupl.

  • sarla

    dy both r nice couples,undstnbl.

  • cutiepie

    gunjan & mayank should be together. dey r perfect

  • Anu

    I want Gunjaan 2 marry Mayank,I think they will a best pair…….

    • haha


  • Shari

    How can one try to pair Rajeev & Gunjan???
    Rajeev was the male lead for rachna & Mayank for Gunjan but sadly to give Gunjan more space they made a mess by breaking rajna ”
    They had no where else to go so grab onto the best guy Rajeev who rejected rachna on the grounds of it is a student teacher relationship but with Gunjan these things did not matter at all
    So it is always easy to preach than practice. Rajeev was one standing example
    Good ! He quit the show, made him look like an ultimate fool

  • extraordinary

    U all Who commented are all MAD.

  • navita sewah

    where is rajeev he needs to come back in this scene to be wit rachna

  • Sumaiya

    She’s been married to Mayank for a while now. They didn’t show Rajeev for a while

  • Ramrin

    Yay ! Rajeev coming back to woo RACHNA. Love to see him get rejected by her . Rachna loves kabeer & should be with him only