Saraswatichandra: Did Shiny Doshi leave the show?

The petite actor, who has been playing Kusum Danny Vyas, has reportedly quit

Saraswatichandra just keeps getting embroiled in controversies one after the other. The latest gossip suggests that the actor, who plays Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) sister, Kusum has resigned from the daily soap facing some issues with one of the directors of the show.

According to our khabroo from the sets of Saraswatichandra, Shiny Doshi had an argument with one of the directors of the serial. In retaliation to the argument, the director apparently kept her waiting for long on the sets, before shooting her scenes. This is not a one-time occurrence either, so we hear. Shiny apparently was forced to wait for hours together on the sets even when she barely had a scene or two in an episode. This did not go down too well with the actor.

Rumour mills also suggest that Shiny has completely stopped working for the show ever since she put down her papers. We tried getting in touch with the channel to get some answers about it, but got no response. Besides this, there have been several stories circulating in the media about the show going off air to accommodate new Star Plus shows. Stay tuned to this page while we soon get you a detailed update on this news.