Saraswatichandra: Has Pramad really changed or is he faking it?

Kumud has been tolerant and understanding for a long time now, but everything, even tolerating abusive behaviour has a limit

Saraswatichandra is gearing up for some major drama in the upcoming episodes and we are really excited. Kumud (Jennifer Winget) decides to leave her husband and go back home. In spite of Kallika (Soni Singh) leaving Pramad (Anshul Trivedi), he doesn’t wish to change. Fed up of his abusive nature, she decides to leave him for good.

Saras (Gautam Rode) drops Kumud home and tells her that inspite of the fact that she is now alone, he has no place in her life. They are destined to be away from each other forever. Once home, Kumud realises that she is a burden on her parents and decides to go away from there.

Meanwhile, back at her in-law’s place Pramad realises that Kallika is a cheat and was duping him for long. He realises his mistake and wants to get Kumud back in his life. He drives to his in-laws and gets Kumud home. Although, Kumud doesn’t trust Pramad, she leaves with him ‘coz she doesn’t want to be a burden on her parents.

Back home, Pramad behaves like a good son, husband and man in front of everyone. His family sees the change in him and agrees to return his property. However, Kumud is stil unsure. Although Pramad is on his way to be a changed man, there’s still something chauvinistic about him. He wants to know if Kumud still loves Saras. He tells her that she has to prove it by conducting the last rites of her lover. Kumud and Saras are shocked after hearing this. When Kumud refuses to do so, Saras convinces her that he was dead for her the day he left her at the altar.

Things look better for the couple, but somehow wethinks all this is too good to be true. Pramad can’t change overnight, it’s almost impossible. We believe that Pramad knows who Saraswatichandra is, and is doing all this just to get into his family’s good books. Once he convinces his family that he has changed and gets all his property back, he will go back to being his old self soon. For all you know, Kallika may make a re-entry.

Will Saras and Kumud fall for Pramad’s fake turnover or will they see right through it? Guess we’ll have to wait and watch to know that, right?