Saraswatichandra: Is the Jennifer Winget-Gautam Rode show going off air?

Is Saraswatichandra to be pulled off air?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s TV serial is running into more trouble every day. Now there are rumours that the show may be pulled off the air soon

Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra started with much fanfare and promise, but has been facing problems almost every day. Initially, lead actor Jennifer Winget had issues with the romantic scenes with Gautam Rode, and then we heard that she was planning to quit the daily soap.

When these rumours were laid to rest, there came the story that there were major issues between the channel and the show’s producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The serial was initially expected to draw huge numbers, but when the TRPs didn’t rise the channel raised the matter with SLB. This led to a huge lot of discomfort between the two, so much so that the channel is no longer gung-ho about promoting the show, as it was when it started.

Bhansali apparently wants to take the story forward as it is in the Gujarati novel Saraswatichandra written by Govardhanram Madhavrao Tripathi, which was his plan all along. However, since the TRP has not been great, the channel requested a change in the script. Now SLB, who usually doesn’t like any interference with his creative work, apparently objected strongly to the intrusion – or so we hear.

And there’s more. It seems that recently a few of the cast members of Saraswatichandra created a hullabaloo about not receiving due remuneration from the producers for a long time. Bhansali released the payments only after the actors made the fuss – did he not know about it before, we wonder. A spokesperson from the channel said, “It’s true that the payments were a little delayed, but everything has been taken care of now. There is no issue. The show is definitely not ending, it will continue as usual. It will move ahead as per the Gujarati novel.”

While TV is definitely nothing like the movies, it has always been a given that story lines change as per TRPs. So let’s hope SLB knows what he is doing this time – right?Subscribe to me on YouTube



    pls don’t stop airing this show it is best daily soap love this show and stars very much <3 :(

  • C P

    Please Please Please tell producers and the channel to sort their differences out and let the show continue. This is our favourite show where there is story and not like some shows where in order to drag the show they come up with some stupid story lines. e.e sathiya, diya or bati and so on. We all love Saras, Kumud and kumud’s mother in law.

    Please don’t stop it


  • rafi

    it is a awesome seriel saraswatichandra.i m a huge fan of this seriel pls dont closed this.i hope after some time its gets
    huge trp.

  • Ritu

    I am a big fan of saras and kumud plz………………..don’t air off this show.

  • Apurv Suryawanshi

    What a nice serial you made for people. Our all family watch it daily Thanks for this & dont change any person of that serial & dont stop the Serial ”SARASWATICHANDRA”

  • Lilly

    BEST Indian serial at the moment. The rest are boring and predictable. Please do not stop it.

  • Anandhu

    I have a request, most of the serials facing a problem about their script but saraswathi chandra has a strong content in it ,so plz don’t stop it ,trp rating will become high in next few week

  • bhuvana

    please…………. don’t stop saraswathichandra sereal.i love this sereal a lot…….. And i am a very…………………………………………………… big………………………….. Fan of kumud(Jennifer winget).we request u to change the sereal story.we want kumud to marry saras


    • Akshaya.G.Pradeep

      Plse don’t stop the serial saraswatichandra,that much we love it

  • dr.shobha

    wonderful story….content is very good…thums up for all actors..keep giong.

  • Akshaya.g. Pradeep

    Pls don’t stop the serial saraswatichandra,please.that much i no we love it.

  • FEBI

    PLEASE………………………………………………………………………….DONT STOP THIS SERIAL I LOVE YOU SARAS

  • Hameed

    Saraswatichandra is prodigous serial for our family.Every member waits for its turn . It is unbelievable . I namely Hameed likes its all sorts of turns ,just proceed it plz

  • Bhavadatt

    I am very big fan of jenifer widget and i watch saraswatichandra with my family.i loved kumud and saras…………………

  • nikita seth

    plz plz do not stop the show and do not change the character espically kumud and saras plz plz .let the show continue we love all of them
    from my 20 friends

  • nikita seth

    do not stop the and do not change the character plz plz plz plz .

  • Renu

    This show was one of my favourite but lots of people have stopped watching after kumud’s marriage. We loved saras and kumud and if the story will be as per the novel then the show might not last. Eventually saras and kumud seperate in the novel and kusum marries saras in the end. No one will be happy with that. If the producer wants trp to increase, the script will have to change. People want to learn something new, not a sad ending which we already have read from the book. SLB always makes movies based on sad love stories like Devdas, but this is serial not a movie.

  • Gourab Chandra Dalal

    i am very happy

  • Dinesh

    in this serial 7th march 2013 who was guman byas(monica vedi) elder sister real name ?

  • Dil Ka Joh Haal Hai

    This is the best show on STAR PLUS! Musnt end,… :( ( #SADDENED

  • Gourab Chandra Dalal

    Saraswati chandra is my best indian love serial in my life. Everyday I watch saraswati chandra. If one day i miss to watch, i fell very sad. Saras( Gautam Rode ) and kumud ( Jennifer Winget ) is my best actor and actress. I love this serial very much.

  • subodh

    owesome,extraordinary but we want kumud to marry saras.thank u