Saraswatichandra: Who made Jennifer Winget emotional while shooting for honeymoon sequence in London? View pics!

Posted Mon, April 21, 2014 5:00pm IST

Looks like the emotional drama on the show is also flowing off screen

Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode’s romantic honeymoon took an emotional turn in London. No Jenny’s real life hubby Karan Singh Grover didn’t pay a surprise visit that got his ladylove teary eyed. Instead it was a die-hard fan of the actor who made her extremely emotional. Here are a few pictures from London sets that might just be our little treat to the Sarawatichandra fans.

Priyanka had a dream-come-true moment after seven long hours of waiting recently. The young gal who found about ongoing shoot of Saraswatichandra in London ensured that she managed to get a jadoo ki jhappi from her favourite heroine on small screen. Not only did Jennifer return her fans love, she happily posed for the camera, coaxed the young fan and doled out warm bear hugs. So chweet, na?

Apart from this Ms Winget and Gautam were spotted walking hand-in-hand on the streets beating the cold weather dressed in warm furry jackets and scarves. Jennifer stuck to her traditional attire even underneath the huge jacket and sported a bright blue skirt.

While this pretty babe made her stay in London extremely special for her fan, we hope that the show’s fans will also be happy to catch the exotic honeymoon of Saras and Kumud in London.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Salam Pti

    good for her they suit each other plz give Karan to Surbhi….

    • Lallan

      dafaq? whats karan? a kilo of jalebi? oh puhleeze. damn i wish people would just get over this linkup. i adore mah bb surbhi and thats the last thing i’d ever wish on her. besides karan and jennifer mariage isnt breaking up no matter how many fantasies people have.

      • claire

        haha..ksg is not going to divorce jenny b/c this time around he will backlashed by those in the TV industry..wasn’t one divorce enough? it will affect his professional career a lot if he cheats AGAIN! and plz..there are many guys better for Surbhi than KSG…i don’t even understand why people love this KSG in real life..yeah he acts great, but as a person he is not worthy of anyone even his own wife..

        • fan of Jennifer and Guatam

          If I would meet Jennifer Winget and Guatam Rode I will be the world’s luckiest person ever. I am the biggest fan of Jennifer Winget and Guatam Rode.

          • I love Jenny and Gautam♥♥

            If i ever meeeet Gautam and Jenny i will be the most happiest and the most luckiest person ever…….♡♥

        • Apoorva KSGian Forever

          Just a divorce don’t make a person bad..we all go in relationship we all break up..BIG DEAL!..hes a gem…don’t speak if u don’t knw abt him…He’s very well aware of his popularity still in so down to earth..he cares for his fans…and no matter wht bullshit u ppl say we(his fans) will always love him and be there for him…and about jenny cant u see hw happy they r with each other …how much he love her and care for her..he’s very much worthy of not onnly his wife but all the love he gets from his fans

    • milan227

      It’s called acting… ACTING. They are paid to be romantic on screen … Why do some people insist on shipping actors in real life?

  • Sudhanshu kumar

    Jennifer is probably most beautiful and stunning looking woman on Statplus television. She is amazing actress. I salute her.

  • I love Jenny and Gautam♥♥

    I love Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode
    You both are just superb…..
    Love you both…♥♥♥

  • I love Jenny and Gautam♥♥

    I am the biggest fan of Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode. You both are awesome actors…….♡♡

  • Hafsa Hasan Bin Abri

    jennifer winget is really very kind hearted and yes,she is really very very beautiful….beautiful to infinity,….i just love her alot…..priyanka is very lucky to get that from her….