Saraswatichandra: Will Monica Bedi aka Gumaan separate Kumud and Saras again?

Just when we thought all the problems in the lives of our happy couple are over, Gumaan is back to create some more

Monica Bedi playing Gumaan Vyas, Saraswatichandra’s (Gautam Rode) step-mother is back to create havoc in people’s lives. The last time she came in Kumud’s (Jennifer Winget) life, she separated the lovers by distracting Saras and creating a rift between them. When Kumud got married to Pramad, Gumaan was weirdly out of the picture and has been that way for long.

The makers who are now focusing on Saras and Kumud’s impending nuptials and romance have asked Monica to come back to the show with promises of a meatier role. We wonder what that is. What problems can the manipulating lady now create? Will she stall the wedding again? Arrggghhh!

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With everything set for the wedding, Gumaan’s re-entry is bound to create a stir. Wethinks, the lady will again feel threatened that she will lose the Vyas family wealth and try to keep them apart. And if Saras and Kumud do end up getting married, Gumaan is not exactly going to let them live in peace.

Keep watching this space to find out what is Gumaan’s next plan of action.