Saraswatichandra: Will Saras rescue Kumud in time?

Kumud believes that Pramad has changed over a new leaf and now will be the perfect husband, but little does she know that the man has other agendas

Everyone believes that Pramad (Anshul Trivedi) has realised his mistakes and made amends for it, but no one knows that it was a ploy all along. Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saraswatichandra (Gautam Rode) had doubts in the back of their minds, but Pramad managed to convince his own family and his in-laws.

Apparently, Kallika (Soni Singh) and Pramad have been plotting this for quite some time now. Their intention is to take Saras – Kumud’s safety net away from her, so that they can attack her. Pramad intends to kill Kumud after torturing her. As Kumud thinks that Pramad has truly changed, she asks Saras to leave her alone so that she can continue her married life in peace. Saras tries to explain to her that Pramad has not changed, but she turns a deaf ear to his pleas.

Saras is leaving and his gut feeling tells him that something is not right. In the meanwhile, Pramad convinces Kumud to marry him again. They try to get Kumud outside the house in order to kill her and put the blame on Saras.

Will Saras manage to rescue Kumud in time? Will Saras expose Kallika and Pramad’s intentions to the family? Guess we will have to wait and watch to find out this.