Sasheh Agha and Ruslaan Mumtaz – the former lovers’ battle at the box office!

Sasheh’s Aurangzeb and Ruslaan’s I Don’t Luv U are scheduled to release on the same day, May 17

Sasheh Agha is going to make her debut opposite Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb and we must confess that she is looking amazingly hot in the movie. And trying to give her some serious competition is her ex-beau Ruslaan Mumtaz. This will be another attempt by Ruslaan to make it big in Bollywood. Media gurus think that this is nothing but a promotional tactic to interweave Ruslaan and Sasheh’s bitter MMS scandal with the clashing release date, just to create some hype around both films. Well, that does seem like a strong possibility, we know. And for people who don’t know about the MMS case – to cut a long story short, it seems that Sasheh’s video in which she is kissing some guy started doing the rounds of the electronic world; that created quite a furore among gossipmongers. That’s when Sasheh and her mom Salma Agha held a press conference to clear things and, if reports are to be believed, the sexy chick accused Ruslaan of uploading the scandalous video. After this incident, RM parted ways with the babe. And about the clash of dates – we don’t really care much, as Aurangzeb looks like a much better deal than I Don’t Luv U…What do you think, readers?