Sasheh Agha feels destruction is sweet!

The sexy little babe takes the concept of ‘having fun’ to a whole new level

Sasheh Agha is definitely a revelation. Pint sized, though pretty like a picture, the young actor seems to be just as talented as her illustrious mom Salma Agha. Why? Because just like mommy, Sasheh has crooned in her debut feature Aurangzeb. And while her mom was singing about love and life, Sasheh is belting out more dangerous stuff in her debut as a singer. Kids these days! Anyway, check out our tongue in cheek translation of the ‘radical’ lyrics of Sasheh’s Barbadiyaan!

Ude ude phire raaton ko
Jeeyein jeeyein jee le khwaabon ko
Dhuaan dhuaan sama hai dekho.. O..
Dhare hain kyun beh jaane do O..

Flying flying roaming nights to
Living living live dreams to
Smoky smoky mood is see..O…
Still why we, flow let us go!

Chalo chalein chalein phirein
Doob kar naye sharaaratein sab karein
Barbadiyaan.. meethi lage aazadiyaan..
Barbadiyaan.. meethi lage aazadiyaan..

Come walk walk roam
Drowning new mischief all do
Destructions… sweet it seems, freedoms…
Destructions… sweet it seems, freedoms…