Sasural Simar Ka: Is Simar really out of Roli’s life?

Sasural Simar Ka: Is Simar really out of Roli’s life?

Colors’ show will be seen in a brand new avatar post two year leap. What will happen next? Read on…

In the earlier episode, we saw Simar (Deepika Samson) coming to Roli’s (Avika Gor) aid and telling her that she will explore the site of the accident herself in order to know what exactly happened there. Once at the site, Simar is pushed off the cliff. So, is that the end of Simar’s character on the show? Certainly not…

Roli recieves a phone call informing her about Simar’s accident. Roli along with her family was seen going to the site and gets a shock when Simar is declared dead. In the upcoming episode, we will see the show in a new form post two year leap. Roli is seen staying with the Bhardwaj family and taking care Prem (Shoaib Ibrahim) and Simar’s daughter Anjali.

The sudden twist in the tale will come when Simar will be shown alive, well and good. Not just this, she will also will be seen staying with another family in Ahmedabad.

What exactly happened? If Simar was declared dead, then whose body was it in the first place? Is it possible that Simar is in fact alive? Too many questions waiting to be answered eh? This nail biting plot is getting thicker by the second. Stay tuned for more updates!