Satya 2: Is Ram Gopal Varma going to destroy his cult classic?

The trailer of Satya 2 shows that Ram Gopal Varma has not yet learned from his past mistakes

Ram Gopal Varma is a brave man. Brave yet naïve – and we don’t mean that in a good way at all! And the fact that he is more egotistical than he is sensible has been why he has not heeded sound advice from well wishers, and his name as a top class director has topped the must-laugh-at list. The top celebs who once would have given anything to work with him, now stay wary and well away.

Why so? Simply because the director clearly hasn’t learned from his mistakes over the years. No sooner did he serve us respectable realism in the form of The Attacks of 26/11, the director went on to release the trailer of Satya 2. And those who have seen it can’t believe their eyes! It seems like all the errors in judgement in terms of technique that RGV has made until now, he chose to repeat in Satya 2. The migraine-inducing unstable camera movements that Ramu was severely criticised for in Aag, Shiva and Not A Love Story are all back in Satya 2. In fact, it seems like the director has taken his juvenile cockiness up a notch in the sequel to his 1998 cult classic by turning the camera totally upside down as it travels through the streets of Mumbai. And if that was not all, the shaky aerial shots via which he tries to show Mumbai of 2013 are cheesy and uninteresting – does RGV still live in Mumbai, we wonder! Also, from what we saw, he has scrimped on budgets again, with dull sets and boring presentation.

It is one thing to make a classic; and a whole other to recreate one. Yet this time we honestly hope – not just for our sakes but for Ramu’s – that he has made a decent film. No, we don’t want fancy camera work, nor scary extra-loud music. Just a reasonably sane story with that old RGV touch would be much appreciated. Is he listening?