Satya 2 poster: Can Ram Gopal Varma bring the underworld back to the big screen?

If Satya was about an individual who formed the underworld as it was then, Satya 2 delves into the thinking of a modern man who attempts to reinvent the gang world

The trailer of Satya 2 showed how underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel, Abu Salem and Chhota Rajan have become criminally inactive. Now the creator of the path-breaking gangster flick Ram Gopal Varma explains why he wanted to make Satya 2.

“With Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan being more or less inactive since so many years and various other dons either being killed or jailed, it’s highly understandable that the police today think that they have made the underworld almost non-existent. But as long as greed for money, resentment towards the rich and rebelliousness towards the system exists in human nature, it would be a fallacy for anyone to think that the underworld can ever be wiped out,” said Ramu.

Satya 2 is a futuristic film not in terms of science fiction, but in terms of there being no precedent for the protagonist of Satya 2. He starts a new underworld company based on his study of the mistakes of all the earlier dons and also on the ways he develops to deal with the modern day policing methods. Only after a new kind of crime happens will the police learn how to contain or prevent it. In one line, Satya 2 is about a man whose thinking starts where the earlier dons thinking ended,” explained RGV. He tweeted, “A man cald Satya came in 1998 got into the underworld and died. Satya 2 is another man Satya who comes in 2013 to reinvent the underworld”. Sounds like a formula for a super-violent gang-bang flick, no!

For now, check out the poster of Ramu’s new and maybe improved gangster flick and tell us if it interests you!