Satyagraha song Aiyo ji: Such a blah track, it puts you to sleep!

Sun, August 11, 2013 9:30am IST by
Satyagraha song Aiyo ji:  Such a blah track, it puts you to sleep!

The political thriller is slated to release on August 23 and here’s the item song that’s released from the film

Aiyo ji from Satyagraha is out and we think this is one of the most boring item songs ever. It’s slow and it almost puts you to sleep. This time the traditional desi chick is replaced by the sexy firang babe. And in the song promo you will also see Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor all intensely romantic and reveling in each other’s love. There’s passion and of course there’s a lot of chemistry between the two.

The song is set against the backdrop of a colourful pub – the psychedelic ambience is enough to get you into the happening party mood but the song isn’t. We give Aiyo ji a thumbs down!


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  • nazirmo

    Come on get real – Aiyo Ji is truly an outstanding track in the album – you need to get your ears checked – I am a oldie and I found the song rocking.

    • cheema

      Ya.. I agree, the song is good and tasteful indeed. I don’t know if the author was expecting some dhinka chika stuff

  • james

    this song is a modern take on in ankhon ki masti.this song i must say without looking at the picturization is zillion times better than all the other jhalabi baai nonsense etc.if this song was translated in english it would go…my beloved came to see me in my heart our eyes had in charted one another